What the hell is a Pimp Employer?

A Pimp Employer is an entrepreneur, senior manager or executive; who is either inconsiderate, mistreats their employees, is self-absorbed, greedy, unkind and has unrealistic expectations of their employees.

Since this is my first post ever on this platform, I figured I’d give you the description of the person in question, so moving forward we know exactly who we’re referring to.

LOL. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking this blog was created by a bitter employee who either got fired or is seeking to badmouth their former employer(s). Yes, some of the content may seem bitter at times, but I promise you that is not the intent.

Having worked many jobs across different industries, I’ve found that Pimp Employers are really hard to please and work for. And after having countless conversations about my experiences and those of family and friends, I found it necessary to create a safe space where we can highlight and discuss employee challenges and concerns and, not get fired for it. Because let’s face it, Pimp Employers think they know everything and don’t handle constructive criticism well, right ? Nor are they open to employee suggestions to improve the business and or product, unless they can take full credit for it.

So basically, we’ve got some ish on our chests and we plan to talk about it. Hopefully, this blog inspires all the Pimp Employers to 1) do a self-analysis and recognize that they are Pimp Employers and 2) change their ways and stop making life difficult for all us. That’s all we want, right ?

I will be posting a few times per week so, if this sounds like a conversation you’re interested in then, by all means please follow. If not, then that’s OK too.

Thanks for stopping over. ✌️✌️

Pimp Employers — Talking about $hi* employees really, really want to say, but can’t.

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