5 superhero cakes kids would go crazy about

Cakes are the universal representation of happiness and we are in love with it. If you haven’t discovered the world of customized cakes you are missing out. These grand things make everyone happy because they look beautiful and also because they are edible. Also, if you haven’t seen kids go crazy for them. You should look at the wonder in their eyes when they see it. There is also a sheen of “I can eat all of it right now” in their eyes which is a bit scary but hey! kids are cute, right? Okay, moving on, Here are five great customized cakes you can get made on our app and they are superhero-cute. Kids will think you’re GOD, seriously.

source: cakesbycamille.com_Source_batman

This amazing double story cake can be made for that crazy Batman fan. You must know that Batman’s young fans are quite demanding and never compromise with what they can get. After all, they are followers of a young billionaire who stays up to fight crime in the night, these kids are serious.

source: mildicasdemae.com.br

This double story Spiderman cake is for the to be nerds and geeks. They love the design and the colors and hey, it’s Spiderman. They love him. Spiderman is in action over here. Get this cake and see kids go crazy for it. See them lose their minds and fall in love with you at the same time.

source: http://cakephotocollectionsalexandrine.blogspot.com/

The Lasso of truth is her weapon and she is the strongest girl in the city! Confused, if I am talking about your young bunch or Wonder woman? This cake is for your little girl. She is strong and she is independent and you know it. Her respect for you will shoot up and she would be super happy with this awesome wonder woman cake.

source: googlesearch.au

The Mjölnir is here, Thor’s hammer. This is for the kids who love Thor and thinks he’s real! Well, who knows? The Mjölnir is here directly from Thor for your kid’s birthday party and it’s edible. If you think the toys and the iPod are the things your kids love. Watch your little Thor-fan go crazy over an edible hammer.

source: mrscakes.wordpress.com

Okay, Batman is famous we understand but then there is Robin the young kid who is always ambitious to fight crime equally with Batman, a lot of kids relate with him. This awesome two story cake is guaranteed to sweep your young ones off their feet and do flips like Robin, safety of course.

All you have to do to order these awesome cakes is to download these pictures and send them through chats to any baker on our app and tell them the date of delivery and Viola, you’re done. We deliver to your doorstep, with love.

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