For Heaven’s Cake, you have to read this!

A story of rediscovered passion and joy!

Life is not easy. You have heard everybody say it. The easiest thing to do is to be inside your comfort zone and never leave it. That is one way to do it but you’ll always be stuck in your own world. You will be scared of everything that exists beyond the horizon of your comfort zone. Also, if you’re doing something you love you never feel like you are doing any work. You enjoy it but finding that passion that work is a difficult thing in itself. There are several people out there who are struggling with whatever they do and you know whatever they do is something they wouldn’t do if they knew themselves any better. Isn’t it funny that as their friend, sibling or partner you know what’s wrong with them. Now just replace that person with you. What if you’re the one who doesn’t know what you should be doing?

This is a story of one of our #BakeLife partners who call their startup ‘For Heaven’s Sake’. After a long discussion over emails with Bindra the founder we decided we could add this great story to our #BakeLife blogs.

We all know how friendships are the best thing to happen to people. And that is how Charu and Bindra met, at college. They met on the first day but they did not know that their friendship is going to last this long. They have been friends for two decades now. Well, they parted ways into the world of Information Technology.

Charu became a homemaker after 9 years of experience in IT sector while Bindra continued working for 12 years and that is when they realized the calling. They got together and decided to start baking as a business. Life came full circle for these passionate bakers and that’s how they started their venture ‘For Heaven’s Cake’. Clever name isn’t it? (We know nerds would agree!) They wanted to translate their love for food via these three qualities that they thought should exist in any kind of food preparation because food is art -


It’s a different kind of ball game to earn for your passion, its difficult. Bindra and Charu knew it but continuous hard work made their venture successful. They say its not just about the money. Their entrepreneurship journey has been very fulfilling up till now. Although it wasn’t all smiles and happiness. There are deadlines, hard work and a stress involved in the mix. Their passion was important to them and hence they stuck to their idea of offbeat flavors like Danish Apple, Orange Almond and Zesty Lemon to maintaining the freshness of our products. They believe it’s there love of food and happiness which spreads and powers them to keep on going.

They recall their first big order where the client wanted 25 cakes as return gifts for a birthday party. As they had just started they were as intimidated as they were excited. They were faced with the challenge of not compromising on the freshness and quality of the bakes thought the quantities were in question. With a relatively small setup of a startup home kitchen it was not an easy feat but they overcame it with their detailed planning and execution strategy. The clients response was the cherry on the cake, pun unintended. They received a special note of thanks from the client about the extensive appreciation from her friends and family. It was one of those special experiences that not only gave them that much needed boost, it also intensified their conviction in what they have set out to do.

And they carry on.

Check out the link here to taste some of the good stuff from them. We deliver throughout Delhi/NCR. Know a friend who bakes? Put them in touch with us at 7838699016.


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