Meet Pratibha, an ardent follower of the #BakeLife

The love for French desserts got Pratibha from Bangalore interested in the #BakeLife. She became a stay at home mom for her daughter. As she had the opportunity to bake on she decided to open TastyeBuds to turn her passion into a business.

1. How did your #BakeLife start?

BakeLife started at the wonderful point in my life when I was pregnant! My desire to eat desserts increased day by day and that’s when I decided, I could bake my own cake and eat it too.

2. Why do you bake?

Baking is my passion now. It gives an immense pleasure to see my clients happy when I hand over the beautiful cakes that they are looking forward to. I get happy that it makes their celebrations more memorable.

3. What do you do other than your #BakeLife?

Well, I have got hooked to cooking as well, not just baking. I work on my blog apart from looking after my family.

4. What drives you to continue baking?

Baking releases stress, it gives me an opportunity to show the creative side of me.

5. What do you think of Lococina?

Lococina is a very good platform for home bakers to showcase their talent.

If you like what you see here then you can acknowledge her beautiful creations or ask her to make something special for you.

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