The science of baking, we explain

As a self-proclaimed nerd with a heavy sweet tooth we explore.

Baking is a science because all ingredients come together in a perfect mixture to the perfect cake, cupcakes, tarts or a frittata. If even the tiniest thing goes wrong with a cake it can turn out to be inedible. A little extra baking powder or the density of the batter can change the complete game. We go into detail (understandable detail) on what happens when you bake a cake.

What the batter?

The proteins in the flour bond together to activate gluten which is the reason for the flexibility and texture of the cake. Eggs are responsible for keeping it all together. Eggs also contain certain emulsifiers which help the water and oil to act together. The baking powder help in aerating the cake which makes the cake rise. Baking powder and baking soda are called leveners because together they make the air bubbles inside the mixture rise. Ingredients have to be put in a certain order, if not the mixture becomes inconsistent. A great batter has the perfectly hydration which means it has the exact amount of water needed to make it flow.

What’s happening on a molecular level?

When the batter is perfectly mixed the gluten protein aligns with the molecular strands of the flour. If you mix it for too long you will make the batter to thin to hold up. When the cake is in the oven the protein in the mix hardens and air bubbles are formed by leaveners which get stuck in the mix. If you take out the cake too early it can collapse on itself because it isn’t set properly. On the other hand if there are too much leveners then the air bubbles will be big and they will rise to the surface and the cake will sink being unable to trap the bubbles.

What about the sugar?

Sugar is another important part in the mix. Sugar allows the cake from being abnormally hardened while baking. It also prevents sugar crystals from forming inside the cake. More fat content keeps the cake moist for longer duration and hence prolonging the shelf life of the cake.

We like to draw inferences after every experiment. We accept it, we are nerds but we like to know what’s in our favorite thing so we took it apart for you. The chemistry is strong with our cakes. If you’d like to try some here is our website where you can find all kinds of fancy cakes, desserts and snacks. We deliver throughout Delhi/NCR.

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