The story of Pinchas

Pinchas is the name of my insemination syringe. I figured, if Arya can make it work, naming her sword Needle, I can totally make it work too. Pinchas has become part of our lives. He fits into our daily routine almost seamlessly, every night at 8 pm, sometime a bit before, depending if we have somewhere to be later.

He has a white cap and a red-burgundy body, a combo I don’t particularly like, but he’s not big on fashion. He’s a cool guy, and I mean that literally, preferring to stay put in the back of our fridge, surrounded by Gouda cheese, low-fat yogurt and the rest of our dairy treats. He never calls or texts, and only comes out once a day for the party and a quickie, then makes his way back to his Gouda queen.

At first I was a bit worried about this type of dynamic. I like a bit of foreplay and cuddling afterwards, but this guy is just about get-in/get-out. The only foreplay I experience is a quick alcoholic rub on my belly before Pinchas plays his part.

And damn it, I have to do all the work too.

But as the days go by, I’ve gotten used to him and we’ve established a no-strings-attached routine, accompanied by soft lighting and and a feeling of accomplishment, happy with my awesome performance. I’ve become a Pinchas junkie.

In all seriousness though, being so afraid of needles my entire life, I was freaking out about Pinchas. I didn’t think I could handle it, let alone inject myself. But I’ve gotten the hang of it, made a game out of it. And that’s how the Pinchas Diaries started.

And from there I felt what better way of processing this excruciating, unexplained, shitty experience than by sharing my Pinchas Diaries with the world. Putting it all out there and seeing what happens. Maybe even getting some reassurance that I’m not alone (because I’m the only one of my friends struggling to get pregnant, so not many people to talk to). Whatever may come and how ever long it takes, I’ve promised myself to try and not take it too seriously, make it as humorous as I can and to stay strong. Welcome to my story.

Let’s do this thing, Pinchas.