America’s Ghostwriters

The photo reads: " Give them a break." It is meant to address the immigration issues currently happening in the United States.

With natural and political climate rising, the unknown seems to be the destination society is headed towards. In the midst of all this chaos, one thing rests assure, unauthorized immigrants continue to not only contribute to the United States wealth but they continue to set forth their strong work ethic in hopes of making their dreams a reality, not only for themselves, but for family as well.

In an article, written by Cesar Maximiliano Estrada, on , it clearly demonstrates that immigrants are nowhere near takers. In contrast, statistics show them to be nothing less than makers and creators. Cesar writes,

"immigrants, regardless of legal status, contribute to the American economy. The 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. today contribute $11.64 billion in state and local taxes each year."

This leads me to believe that perhaps our fellow companions need much more than being "given a break." Credit is given where credit is due. Sadly enough, it seems that unauthorized immigrants are nowhere near being given the credit that they deserve.

In conclusion, it’s time for some of us to become less machine like and more aware and reasonable as to what political decisions we make in this country. One man’s or one groups ideas and believes should not dictate the rest of humanities train of thought.

America the great,what has your godly nation become?

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