We are proud to announce that on August 31, 2019 we began the process of going live with PingPaid V1. PingPaid is a platform that allows decentralized trust and exchange of various forms, from financial transactions to tangible goods and service products. As some of you may have seen, we are actively making changes, adjustments and monitoring to the first version of the PingPaid platform.

Currently, the system reports are stable. Deposits, withdrawals, and transactions will go live one by one, as we perform integrity checks on each aspect of the platform. Safety is our absolute first priority. We have invested significantly in the security of the PingPaid platform. You can be assured that your transactions are safe and secure.

PingPaid will support many different cryptocurrencies in the very near future; we will engage many partnerships that will utilize the PingPaid platform to allow safe and secured decentralized transactions. For now, the PPD token will be the only currency enabled for this first version one platform. We will enable ETH transactions as soon as we have completed further integrity checks.

We will announce additional new currency types and partnerships in the near-term future once we have included miscellaneous platform readiness variables that we have anticipated.

To use non-PPD tokens on the platform, parties will have to hold PPD balances to cover transaction agreement fees. These small transaction fees for use in non-PPD tokens will encourage the Markets Economy of the PPD token, currently traded on the Crex24 exchange. You can access this market here: https://crex24.com/exchange/PPD-BTC

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and support of the PingPaid project. We invite you to follow our progress in real-time and become a stakeholder in this exciting venture by visiting www.pingpaid.com

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