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July 27 2019

We would like to thank our entire community for your continued patience and commitment to PingPaid’s success and growth. IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE THAT Today we invite you to trade PPD tokens on the unique and growing Crex24 exchange.

Crex24 reminds us of our own history and vision, creating secure and convenient avenues of exchange. The hardworking team and dedicated user base of this exchange has attracted our interest, and we are excited to continue to forge partnerships with ambitious and conscientious cryptocurrency groups and companies.

You can freely buy and sell PingPaid tokens (PPD) on the Crex24 exchange by visiting this secured link:

Learn more about the unique Crex24 exchange by visiting the coinmarketcap profile:

Please stay tuned for more exciting developments for PingPaid because more is to come!

Make sure you are a member of our telegram channel

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PingPaid Team

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