Smart Numbers — The next generation phone number

Hoverboards aren’t here yet, but the new phone number is

Smart Numbers work like a normal mobile phone line — You can text, share photos and make voice calls, however what they can do beyond that is what sets them apart

What makes Smart Numbers different

1. Multiple devices

Smart Numbers work on your desktop or mobile device. They can ring multiple devices at the same time plus you can text people from right from your desktop computer. Moving or adding a Smart Number to a device is easy and requires no SIM card swapping or needing to talk to your mobile carrier.

2. Spam call flagging

Real-time spam checks are done on every inbound call. It can also let you know what type of spam caller it is, from telemarketers to fraud scams.

3. Triggers and Routing

This feature is the most exciting and powerful of them all. With triggers you can specify rules for any text message or voice call, inbound or outbound. An example would be: Set a rule that doesn’t let any calls through to your mobile device after a certain time unless that number is in your VIP list. Another example: If a voicemail contains a certain keyword, send a text message to that person. The possibilities are endless and you can set these up any way you want. Triggers also work with email in Pingly! (Currently in private beta)

4. Visual voicemail with automatic transcription

This feature is common on most mobile devices already, but with Smart Numbers this functionality is device agnostic. The power comes with the Trigger and Routing functionality from above that lets you set rules based on the transcription of the voicemail.

5. Make and receive calls internationally with no roaming fees

On WiFi you can make and receive calls on your local number, anywhere in the world, without being charged cellular roaming fees. Pingly Smart Numbers work on any data connection. (if you use your cellular data plan internationally you may be charged extra, check with your carrier first)

All of these features are integrated directly into the iPhone with our newly released iOS app.

You can read about the other cool features in the new Pingly on our blog and on

If you are a business or a professional that wants to try out one of our Smart Numbers, contact me directly at or (843) 790-NOAH