Do you have a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction program (CSAT program) to enhance and support your business? Your answer can be “ Yes” or “No” , but it makes a compelling case to consider,

- What are you doing to understand if your product/service is meeting customer expectations and the perceived value they draw from it?

- Are you considering how occasional feedbacks are helping you to strategize and plan your deliverables? Or

- Are your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) studies helping you to gather a holistic picture and insights to create a competitive edge for your business?

- Are your Customer…

If you are a part of product startup team, whether you are an area developer or a founder, you find yourselves pulled into a biggest concern and that is finding ways to add good number of users. There is always this constant struggle to choose between investing on the product engineering or branding/marketing. If you are a funded company it gets even worse as we have eyes on quick revenue to justify the cost.

So how do we come about the effective way to grow substantially?

Well, the answer is simple; one has to be a stand out in the…

Innovation accompanied with evolving technologies has led to so many product startups worldwide along with India. Product startups particularly try to solve a major customer pain point, and What do you think is the biggest challenge in this space? Is it the new idea, the innovation itself? OR Is it the product development?

Well here is the surprise, it’s the finding, connecting and retaining the actual users or CUSTOMERS.

For startups at an early stage, or while growing fast it is important to have a deep understanding of customers , their perceptions, expectations to initially generate an enthusiasm and eventually…

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