November Update — Onwards and Upwards!

Bamboo (Formerly Pink Panda)
3 min readNov 22, 2021

November has been a busy and incredibly productive month for the Pink Panda team, and as always, we want to keep our community informed on our progress.

Wallet Development Updates

We have released our Alpha Wallet on iOS to a select group of community members for testing / optimization. As we mentioned in our last update, our wallet hosts a dramatic and sleek UI wrapped around intuitive and user friendly wallet functionality. We are continuing testing for the next few weeks in preparation for our public Beta release.

What’s remaining? We’re finishing the critical wallet “transaction” screens and animations, building out the graphing capabilities, updating the polling functionality, building out the user profile screen, along with testing, testing, and more testing against the underlying API’s. Performance and scalability is top of mind as we prepare for this release — as being able to move from thousands of users to hundreds of thousands (or more) is where we expect to go.

Wen Beta? I know nobody likes to hear it, but “when it’s ready”. This is a HUGE release for us, and we are ensuring it is well crafted, tested, and secure. So the answer is, when we’re confident the above conditions are met. We want it as much as everyone else does — this we can promise you! We are getting close…

What next? Our target immediately after our beta release will be focusing on the swap and fiat on-ramp capabilities. Subsequent to that — we’re looking at several options including NFT’s, additional chain support, and perhaps a surprise or two.

Team Updates

We have signed an agreement with a world class Blockchain Architect to join our team. He will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our already stacked Pink Panda team, including working on the ERC chain since 2016. For now we will call him “Ghost” as he prefers to remain anonymous publicly. However, he is fully “doxxed” internally (known by all team members, and bound legally by contract) but very much prefers to stay out of the limelight. We will be discussing what “Ghost” will be working on soon, as well as giving him a proper Panda profile name!

Pink Panda in the News

We’ve been actively interviewing and getting noticed by increasingly bigger players in the cryptocurrency space.

  • Erupt Conference — Adam Carlton (CEO) and Gene Truono (Senior Fintech and Compliance Advisor) recorded a information session to be showcased at the Erupt conference focused on technical and financial innovation
  • TechbullionAdam Carlton (CEO) was recently interviewed about the “Understanding the “Wild West” of Cryptocurrency Regulation”
  • Authority Magazine — Adam Carlton (CEO) was recently interviewed by Authority magazine “On The 5 Things That Can Be Done To Improve and Reform The Cryptocurrency Industry”

Partnerships Under Development

We have been actively exploring some very exciting partnerships, and we are in discussion and negotiation with two entities to potentiate our decentralized finance and exchange capabilities leveraging our team’s strength in technology, compliance, and real-world understanding of complex business and financial transactions.

  • NFT’s — we’re looking very strongly at partnering with an up-and-coming NFT metaverse platform, and we believe there’s strong partnership potential. We’ve held several meetings and are optimistic we will move to formalize this partnership. We believe NFTs go far beyond profile pictures, and that they are a powerful tool for art, provenance, fractionalized asset ownership, rapid title transfer, and much more.
  • Mystery Project — we are extremely excited about this use case. A hint — there’s a “growing” industry that the traditional finance system is very unfriendly to…stay tuned.



Bamboo (Formerly Pink Panda)

Bamboo is a Web3 company driven by the Bamboo DAO and the $BAM token.