Q1, 2022 — Starting with a BAM🎍

Branding concept art

Contract Audit and Migration

Mobile Development


  • Josh Aust recently joined the team as an operations manager, but “DigiDrip” has been with Pink Panda since the beginning. Josh has a background in IT and business administration, deep NFT and community experience, and is an all-around “get things done” kind of person.
  • Jamie Lavin recently joined our team as a legal project manager, but “BigBellyPanda” has been with the Pink Panda community since launch as well. Jamie is a former attorney and is assisting in what oftentimes slows us down the most — lawyers :)


New Domain Acquisitions

Brand Overhaul

Pink Panda Brand Concept
Branding Concept Art
Current in-app profile pictures for the Pink Panda Wallet


  • As of March, I resigned my position at West Monroe and am now dedicating even more time to Pink Panda Holdings. This was a big step, and while nothing in life is guaranteed, I felt comfortable enough to “take the leap”. As much as I loved working at a world-class technology firm like West Monroe, digital assets are truly my passion.
  • Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. is completing a pre-seed capital raise. This is a long and complex process started in January that I expect to be completed in the next few weeks. Once this is completed, we will be communicating our strategy and vision more publicly, and by coupling it with a marketing plan to begin the critical process of growing our user base, upgrading our brand, and entering our next phase of growth.
  • We’re starting to see what I believe is the front edge of more regulatory clarity. I recently attended a dinner hosted by McGonigle law that was very insightful, and our legal and compliance team stays on top of every new development and we are very active as a member of the Global DCA. In fact, we were signatories to a response to the SEC which was pretty cool — I was in good company!
  • I’m particularly excited about our upcoming partnership with Lootverse, which continues to unfold as we will soon begin building Versa, a fully US compliant method for onboarding crypto “newbies” into the metaverse, using USDC as the basis. We see some direct ways to tie $BAM utility into this integration. More news to come on that in the next quarter.
  • Lots more…we are continuing to add team members, we’re working on the new website design, we’re working on some very cool ideas around DAOs, we’re working on a permanent fix for our API issues, and much more.
Branding Concept Art




PinkPanda Holdings, Inc. is developing an intuitive and user friendly wallet for curated access to DeFi, NFT’s, and the metaverse on both iOS and Android.

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PinkPanda Finance (PinkPanda Holdings, Inc.)

PinkPanda Finance (PinkPanda Holdings, Inc.)

PinkPanda Holdings, Inc. is developing an intuitive and user friendly wallet for curated access to DeFi, NFT’s, and the metaverse on both iOS and Android.

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