The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Standard Taleb Effort

Taleb’s trotting out his standard routine here: flog a half-smart 500-word idea to death across a mire of turgid waffle and self-congratulation ten times that length.

The only people who are impressed with faux-aristocratic prose like “I offered him a glass of that type of yellow sugared water with citric acid people sometimes call lemonade” are emotionally-stunted shut-in NEETs with Cheeto dust on the crotch of their cargo shorts, it’s embarrassing coming from a grown man playing at being an intellectual.

It’s a shame Taleb is such a smug twerp, it looks like there might be a halfway interesting idea buried under the rubble of this unreadable masturbation exercise.