Twitter, as a public medium open to all, has certain free speech obligations. The fact that it is not a government agency does not absolve the company of these obligations. First, the very existence of Twitter is made possible by all manner of government policies and structures, so a good argument could be made that the First Amendment does apply to its conduct in a “public utility” sense.
The Tech Overlords Will Not Protect You: On Arthur Chu, @ByYourLogic, and “Harassment”
Michael Tracey

This is a ridiculous assertion. I think Chu is a peanut and Felix’s ban is a joke, but Twitter is no more a public utility than the letters page of a newspaper, and can be as arbitrary as it likes about who it allows publishing access.

If you’re going to make a hugely contentious claim as the crux of your argument, you can’t just brush aside the details for “brevity” and expect to be taken seriously.

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