Are you a Die-Hard Community Manager?

It’s written on countless cover letters for Social Media roles the world over.

I’m passionate about Social Media


We’re Pink Squid. Passion is one of our core values, daubed across the mural that decorates our meeting room wall. For us, passion goes without saying.

We need to see something more.

Someone whose instinct for a great post will cause them to throw caution to the wind, to seize each and every possible engagement opportunity with both hands.

We need a Die-Hard Community Manager.

Someone whose reaction to a bear attack is an Oscar-worthy Snapchat.

Someone who would take the time to get the perfect Instagram shot as the flames from the toaster leapt higher.

By now you’ll be itching to find out more about the role. But it’s not as simple as looking up the job description and sending your CV, my friend.

You’ll have to grab our attention using Social Media too, if you want to grab our attention at all.

Yippi-Ki-Ai Moderator.

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