Pinmo: Where Micro-Influencer Marketing Meets Blockchain

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve come into this article wondering what this company called Pinmo is and how it’s using blockchain technology. Well, Pinmo is a decentralized social media marketing network that allows marketers and social media users to connect like never before. Much like how influencer marketing works, Pinmo allows marketers to connect with real social media users and reward them for sharing content that the marketer produces.

From the business perspective, we have built a sharing platform that connects advertisers, marketers and social media users, all in one simple ecosystem. The platform aims to eliminate all middlemen in the advertising industry by recording all related data onto the blockchain. This means that marketers have the ability to verify the authenticity of all the relevant results occurring from their campaigns, giving them more credibility when reporting to their clients as well as a better ROI on their campaign budgets.

How do we do this?

On the technical side, we are the first Dapp that focuses on providing cross-chain solutions for advertising channels. Additionally, the Pinmo platform utilizes IBM Watson’s AI technology as well as our own Pinmo Insight analytics system, which allows us to build ads that can learn. The main ledger for recording ad transactions and advertisers’ portal Dapp is built on Ethereum, but Pinmo also works with other public chains to develop Node Dapps and together, we change the game.

Pinmo’s unique ecosystem is based around our own token called the Pinmo Token. While Pinmo Tokens are the main form of trade and payment, they are not the only form — campaigns can be traded by multiple cryptocurrencies from public chain partners. Currently, we already have Nebulas and Elastos as our public chain partners, with many more to be added in the near future.

Pinmo’s business model has been evolved and has already achieved proof of concept with more than one million dollars in revenue year to date. With our exponential successes, we are now ready to implement our blockchain technology and take on the challenge of fixing the way online marketing works.

Integrating and using blockchain technology will not only be a business transformation for Pinmo but will also revolutionize the way in which the advertising industry works. With blockchain, the network will provide advertisers with a clear record of all traffic data and budget spending on the blockchain. Users can easily earn tokens, which were previously allocated by advertisers, by sharing ads on their own social networks such as WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and more. On the users’ perspective, it’s considered as the world fastest and easiest way to enter cryptocurrencies. With Pinmo, all a user has to do to earn the Pinmo token, is to share content from our app onto their social media channels (just like they do already), like WeChat or Facebook. Users can withdraw their tokens on to exchanges and trade them for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Nebulas, Elastos and many more.

Empowering Social Media Users

One of our biggest goals at Pinmo is to change the way social media users interact with paid marketing content; we all share content for a variety of companies, and often these shares act as a “word-of-mouth” endorsement for a given company — but we don’t make anything for this. When Mark Zuckerberg said user’s own their data, he made it clear that we’re in an age where everyone’s social media data holds value. The question is what can you do with it? If you’re an influencer that answer is easy, but what about the little guys? We believe that with the Pinmo system user’s will be able to show companies exactly how powerful their ability to disperse content is, and unlike ever before, they’ll actually be rewarded for each and every corresponding action that results from their share.

The social media landscape is ever-changing; and marketers must be constantly on top of this, which can be tedious. However, with Pinmo users to choose where content goes based on their intuition and understanding of their networks. Together with you and other early adopters we can create a system that harmonizes the relationship between marketers and social media users; all with the security and transparency of a decentralized blockchain technology.

From Pinmo’s Hafeez Noorani