Outdoor Barbecue Parties on a Budget

Summer is the perfect time to entertain outdoors. However, parties should not cost you a fortune. Whether you prefer casual barbecues or formal affairs, there are a number of ways to host outdoor summer parties on a budget.

Barbeques are synonymous with outdoor or summer parties. These are easy to plan on a budget. You can barbeque in your backyard, the park, or the beach. Any theme will do, and you should keep decorations to a minimum. You can barbeque just about anything from beef to eggplant, so you can provide something for everyone.

Of course, with any barbecue it’s imperative to have the right tool in place. Nothing beats a Traeger Grill and its ability to provide that unique smoky flavor to all your hamburgers, veggies, hot dogs, baby back ribs and of course delicious steaks. Check out JustGreatSteaks to discover which Traeger Grill is best suited for your backyard.

One of the great things about these grills is that it’s a “set it and forget it” machine. All you need to do is get the wooden pellets, turn on the grill and start cooking! You can then go relax with a nice cold Corona or Heineken, while lounging on a floatable in your pool.

The best part is that a Traeger Grill can come in a variety of forms and has different prices to fit any budget. It’s easy to install and ready to use even on your next Memorial Day barbecue, which is just around the corner!

Once you’ve selected your fine grilling machine, it’s time to think about what drinks to offer at your backyard gala.

Cocktail parties may not be synonymous with outdoor summer parties, but the outdoors can be the ideal setting for cocktails. This is particularly true if you have a pool or well-manicured backyard. A little music and basic supplies are all that you need to be successful. You can hire a bartender or ask a friend to make the drinks. Without providing a full meal, you may be able to purchase better alcohol. You can also ask people to bring supplies to share with the group.


Hosting formal parties outdoors in the summer can be fun. The beauties of nature helps keep decorating for formal parties to a minimum. Require formal dress, and personalize the place setting for each guest. You can cut fresh flowers for a centerpiece and provide wine to compliment the meal.

You may want to celebrate a traditional Midsummer’s night. This is a perfect outdoor party that observes the longer summer days. Traditionally, you serve cured salmon that is seasoned with salt, sugar, and dill. Honey mustard is on the side. Swedish meatballs and ligonberry sauce is also popular. Choose the dish that best suits your budget and the tastes of your guests.

If you have a large backyard, you may want to host a movie night. The main expense will be renting a screen and projector. You can provide seating, or have people bring blankets and chairs. Snacks like popcorn and candy will help you stay within your budget as you host this casual outdoor summer party for your friends and family.

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