Conflict is a top reason for couples to seek relationship advice, counseling and even separate. However, arguments are a normal part of interpersonal relationships. Spending the majority of your time with the same person, usually in the same home, is bound to create a certain amount of conflict.

Approaching the conflict with tact and understanding is an important necessity in any relationship or marriage. A conflict can help to release pent-up tension and resentment, and gives your partner an indication of what is important to you. …

It is always important to inform your partner what you don’t like or don’t want out of the relationship. When starting out in a relationship, it is good to know things like, “I don’t want to have sex before we are married” or, “I don’t want to have children.” It is also helpful to communicate certain behaviors that bother you by saying, “I don’t like it when you are busy doing something else when I am trying to talk with you.”

Tell Me What You DO Want

However, simply stating what you don’t like or want isn’t always the most effective communication tool. Sometimes stating the negatives will never get you the positives. In other words, just because you say that you don’t like white wine with pork, doesn’t mean you will get red wine. Someone may serve you a beer! Since there are an infinite number of choices for all aspects of a relationship, stating the negative only leaves room for error. …

I always watching this series and it becomes boring now :D

Tambay na dito


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