Pinpark: The Journey so Far in 2018

Photo by Stephan Müller from Pexels

It has been an incredible journey of realization for us at Pinpark since our inception at Kochi in 2017 as a smart parking management startup providing 360-degree solutions to all parking-related needs for our customers.

Since January 2017, Pinpark has managed more than 1200+ car parking slots. We have powered more than 3500+ parking slots with our customized parking management solutions. We have processed more than 250000+ parking tickets. And most importantly, the Pinpark platform has been leveraged by more than 170000 lakh unique customer who used our system.

Pinpark’s Hybrid Smart Parking Platform has accumulated millions of parking data points with our multiple data collection points like video, sensors, ANPR etc. We have used this information to improve and provide a unified view of real-time parking demand and parking guidance.

Kochi Metro Rail, Kerala Tourism, Wonderla, Seematti are some of our marquee customers up to this point in August 2018. As we look ahead, we look forward to realizing our vision of Parking for All in cities, towns, institutions, companies and commercial spaces across the world. 
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