“What Gets Measured, Gets Improved” Part 1

Image from Pixabay.

Pinpark is an AI-based smart parking management startup providing 
360-degree solutions to all your parking related issues, knitting all the stakeholders — drivers, stewards, owners, commercial spaces. Pinpark’s Hybrid Smart Parking Platform accumulates parking data with our multiple data collection points like video, sensors, ANPR etc. The solution provides a unified view of real-time parking demand and helps in parking guidance.

Our system measures:

• Occupancy

• Turnover

• Duration of Stay

• Overstay Trends

Commissioned with the Pinpark’s solution, the mall/parking area can now effectively facilitate advanced analyses, and the planning and implementation of custom Smart Parking Programs to achieve the malls parking and mobility goals. Pinpark can help you optimize the following:

-Parking Rates

-Parking Policy Hours

-Parking Policy Time Limit

-Resource Management

In the next post we will look at Pinpark offerings and benefits for Parking Lot Owners and Managers.

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