“What Gets Measured, Gets Improved” Part 2

Pinpark is an AI-based smart parking management startup providing 360-degree solutions to all your parking related issues, knitting all the stakeholders — drivers, stewards, owners, commercial spaces. Pinpark’s Hybrid Smart Parking Platform accumulates parking data with our multiple data collection points like video, sensors, ANPR etc. Our solution provides a unified view of real-time parking demand for Owners and Parking Managers which includes the following data points:

1. Parked vehicles

2. Exited vehicles

3. Live availability

4. Real-time collection details

5. Multiple parking data on a single dashboard

It also includes the following data points specific to collections and parking:

  1. The total amount of all spaces and also individual space

2. Cash or Card or any other mode of payment

3. The collection sourced from different vehicle types

4. Total vehicle counts based on vehicle types

Pinpark Reports can be generated for specific time periods:

1. Daily

2. Weekly

3. Monthly

4. Custom

Pinpark application ensures complete transparency about the collections of money. Our solution ensures the amount collected is visible only to the parking lot owner or manager. This helps in ensuring financial accountability and reduces the chances for any misappropriation. Here are the long-term benefits of the Pinpark solution:

  1. Consolidation and reconciliation of accounts become easy

2. They have clear visibility of the vehicles and helps in random checks

3. To track details about a vehicle parked long back

4. To track regular parkers and defaulters

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