What gets Measured, gets Improved Part 3

Aug 28, 2018 · 1 min read
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Pinpark is an AI-based smart parking management startup providing 360-degree solutions to all your parking related issues, knitting all the stakeholders — drivers, stewards, owners, commercial spaces. Pinpark’s Hybrid Smart Parking Platform accumulates parking data with its multiple data collection points like video, sensors, ANPR etc. The solution provides a unified view of real-time parking demand and helps in guiding Parking Stewards:

1. Easy to use: The system collects vehicle number and mobile number.

2. Easy and hassle-free entry and exit.

3. Prepay and post pay options available.

4. Computerized billing: It avoids arguments on the amount collected and the in-out time

5. Digitized system avoids complexities of paper coupons getting lost by the customers.

Pinpark’s application helps to increase turn around and business with parking slot notifications.

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