Ankita Wagh | Software Engineer, Storage and Caching

HBase is one of the most critical storage backends at Pinterest, powering many of our online traffic storage services like Zen (graph database) and UMS (wide column data store). Although HBase has many advantages like strong consistency at row level in high volume requests, flexible schema, low latency access to data, and Hadoop integration, it doesn’t natively support advanced indexing and querying. Secondary indexing is one of the most demanded features by our clients, but supporting that directly in HBase is quite challenging. Maintaining separate index tables as the number of indexes…

Felix Fang | Software Engineer, Advertiser Solutions Group

Chi Xu | Software Engineer, Advertiser Solutions Group

Pinterest is where people go to plan and shop, making ideas and ads from brands helpful in taking Pinners from inspiration to action. It’s our goal to ensure ads continue to be additive and not intrusive on Pinterest. Because of the unique and powerful first party signals on the platform, advertisers can reach Pinners based on their interests, intent and engagement on the platform.

To help in delivering the right ads to the right Pinners in an audience of hundreds of millions of people…

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Yuru Shao | Ingeniero de software

Aalaa Satti | Ingeniero de software

Amine Kamel | Jefe de seguridad de producción

En Pinterest, un método con el que garantizamos la seguridad de la cuenta es mediante la protección de las contraseñas de los usuarios. Las contraseñas pueden ser problemáticas por una gran cantidad de razones, incluido el hecho de que las personas suelen reutilizar sus contraseñas, eligen aquellas que son fáciles de recordar y comparten los detalles que componen sus contraseñas o sus contraseñas reales con otras personas. Por…

Lu Niu & Chen Qin | Software Engineers, Stream Processing Platform Team

To best serve Pinners, creators, and advertisers, Pinterest leverages Flink as its stream processing engine. Flink is a data processing engine for stateful computation over data streams. It provides rich streaming APIs, exact-once support, and state checkpointing, which are essential to build stable and scalable streaming applications. Nowadays Flink is widely used in companies like Alibaba, Netflix, and Uber in mission critical use cases.

Xenon is the Flink-based stream processing platform at Pinterest. The mission is to build a reliable, scalable, easy-to-use, and efficient stream platform to enable…

Erika Sun & Keshava Subramanya | Ads Intelligence Team

The Ads Intelligence team at Pinterest is charged with building and maintaining machine learning and algorithm-driven recommendations and the Recommendations Ranker to provide advertisers with the best experience in reaching relevant Pinners and help them reach their campaign goals. As part of this work, we leverage data in various algorithms to generate recommendations. These recommendations then appear on multiple surfaces, such as the external-facing Ads Manager and internal tools for our sales team. We use the insight and feedback found in past recommendation adoptions to improve future recommendation generation logic. …

Sanchay Javeria | Software Engineer, Big Data Query Platform, Data Engineering

Ashish Singh | Technical Lead, Big Data Query Platform, Data Engineering

To achieve our mission of bringing everyone inspiration through our visual discovery engine, Pinterest relies heavily on making data-driven decisions to improve the Pinner experience for over 475 million monthly active users. Reliable, fast, and scalable interactive querying is essential to make those data-driven decisions possible. In the past, we published how Presto at Pinterest serves this function. Here, we’ll share how we built a scalable, reliable, and efficient interactive querying platform that processes hundreds of petabytes of…

Emma Catlin | Ingeniera de software

This article was originally published in English, view the English version here.

“Solo pregunta”.

Ese fue el consejo que cambió por completo mi perspectiva sobre las revisiones de código.

Al salir de la universidad, comencé como ingeniera de software de Pinterest en el equipo de Shopping Partner Experience. Me centré en mi aprendizaje personal leyendo documentación y documentos de diseño técnico para entender los sistemas y proyectos de mi equipo. Sin embargo, no tenía la confianza para revisar el código de mis compañeros de equipo. ¿Por qué los ingenieros sénior querrían que un ingeniero…

Bhalchandra Pandit | Software Engineer

At Pinterest we’ve worked to greatly improve data processing efficiency. One quote that resonates with our unique approach is from writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Ultimately, we process petabytes of Thrift encoded data at Pinterest. Most jobs that access this data need only a part of it. To meet our unique needs, we devised a way to efficiently deserialize only the desired subsets of Thrift structures in each job. …

Jessica Larson | Data Engineer

At Pinterest, we heavily utilize Tableau for our enterprise analytics. In an effort to secure access of sensitive data to the appropriate business units, we moved the enterprise data into a Snowflake data warehouse. Using Snowflake as a data platform, we can create and manage robust role-based access controls (RBAC). Since we want to use Snowflake as the source of truth for RBAC, we connected Tableau to Snowflake through a security integration using OAuth.

In order to check authorization during every use, we only allow live connections from Tableau. Live connections mean that every time…

Ryan Cooke | Engineering Manager

Pinterest, like many tech companies, relies heavily on data to help inform decisions and power machine learning. This strategy fundamentally depends on the data being accurate. Over the years we’ve worked to improve the processes behind trusting core decision-making data and ensure metrics remain accurate.

How Data Can Go Wrong

For those who haven’t thought about metrics, this may seem like an odd problem. Something like Daily Active Users (DAU) may sound simple to measure, but here are some examples of how such a simple metric may go wrong:

  • An extension version of the app could decide to keep auth…

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