Thirty-five angels shaping the ecosystem

Great angel investors are the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial community. Through personal connections, reputation or hustle, they get to meet startup founders at the earliest stages of their journey, investing money, time and knowledge into their success.

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San Francisco shines because of the quality of its investors, who can all be found sharing thoughts on Twitter, giving talks around the world or being listed on hundreds of “best of” lists.

The UK ecosystem has also become really deep in recent years, but you might just not know who the players are: when you think of amazing angels, it is often the same few names that come up: Shakil Khan, martha lane fox, Taavet Hinrikus, Charlie Songhurst, Sherry Coutu, Alex Chesterman, etc. While these are great, I thought I’d go on a hunt to find other equally incredible investors for you, who were happy to share a bit about themselves and what they look for in founders (the #hashtags below) with the world. …

Like lots of people these days, I enjoy spending time thinking about & investing in companies shaping “the Future of Work”.

For that reason, I keep getting asked by my investor friends whether I have any cool lists of startups for them or insights I’d be happy to share.

I normally reply by sending a mere list of c.10 …

Through The Family AAA, I’ve spent the last 8 months diving into a particular type of startup funding round: Series A.

What can I say after all that time and effort? Today’s situation can get pretty confusing:

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Source: Unusual Ventures

According to Dealroom,

  • Pre-seed is a round before Seed that is larger than $250K
  • Seed is the first round to be larger than $1M
  • Series A is the first round to be around $4–15M

Beyond figures, what are the real differences between Seed and Series A?

In large markets (US, UK), it is becoming possible to raise significant amounts of money (from $250K up to even a few million) with “relatively little”: a great founding team with a strong network, a brilliant idea in a massive market, and a great pitch deck that neatly portrays the vision. …


Pietro Invernizzi

First cheque investor @Stride_VC with @fdestin & @HarryStebbings | x-@_TheFamily | I hate coriander 🌱

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