From the Pioneers Festival stage, to 8-digit investment, to the world.

After attending and pitching in May as finalist at Pioneers Festival in Vienna, high tech startup tacterion secures 8-digit investment to bring revolutionary sensor technology to market.

Daniel Strohmayr (tacterion) 3min. pitch on Arena Stage at Pioneers Festival 2016 May 25th

As Daniel Strohmayr says it and warms our heart:

“Thanks to the great feedback we got after being on the huge Pioneers stage, we were confirmed in aiming for high goals with tacterion. It was an amazing experience in Vienna as finalists in the Pioneers500 challenge, where our journey continued from the festival to the right investor and now our funding secured!”

One of Top 7 finalists from Pioneers Challenge 2016, Munich based startup tacterion enters into a long-term partnership with Unger Group from Weiden/Germany.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) spin-off secures a long-term commitment by the growth-oriented family investment fund. In the coming years, substantial funds will be provided in order to provide the startup with a head start for its growth plans to become a profitable technology company.

Founders of tacterion: Daniel Strohmayr & Michael Strohmayr

tacterion is the result of 2 pioneering brothers [Michael Strohmayr & Daniel Strohmayr] who developed the technology which makes any surface touch sensitive by adding a highly flexible sensory layer.

Edited: To put it into perspective, Sensorskin has more than half the levels of pressure intensity than an iPhone. Whoa!

Behind it stands the effort of developing a completely stretchable tactile sensor technology, the result of years of research at DLR followed by acceleration at Techfounders. By implementing this sensorskin technology, surfaces of products and machines become touch-sensitive. Using this technology human-machine-interaction can be designed more intuitive than ever before.

The funding provides the means for sensorskin to enter mass-market applications like consumer electronics, automotive and robotics, resulting innovation being pushed to the limits and boosting user experience.

Michael Strohmayr, CEO/CTO of tacterion: “We are proud that we have convinced a German investor who is determined to push early-stage technology companies to a completely new level. We have very ambitious plans for the development of tacterion and we are sure we have found the perfect partner for this endeavor.“
Unger Group: „The investment in this early phase of the company expresses our belief that research-based high technology needs adequate funding in order to be successfully commercialized. We see an enormous potential in the team and the technology they have developed.“
Daniel Strohmayr, Co-CEO: “With the long-term commitment we agreed on, tacterion can focus all its energy on developing customized technology solutions for our customers. In a fast-paced market environment where delivering outstanding products at high speed is key to success, this is extremely valuable.“

This also convinced the investors in the BayStartUP funding network.

Alexander Becker, head of the BayStartUP funding network: “Hardware startups with innovative enabling technologies like tacterion face tough challenges given their necessary investments. This is why we keep close ties to investors even outside the regular realm of Venture Capital. With entrepreneurial vision they are looking for radically innovative technologies. I am very happy that we could support this funding round by establishing targeted contacts.”

Stories like this makes us proud and motivate us to support great tech founders find the right partners to give birth to greatness.

One way to support this mission is the annual Pioneers 500 program, which invites 500 amazing startups to attend Pioneers Festival for free.

Watch tacterion pitch this year on the Arena stage in Hofburg Palace Vienna.

If you are a tech founder with < 3 million funding and building an awesome hardware/software solution, you can apply to receive 2 free tickets for Pioneers Festival 2017. Applications for Pioneers500 open on November 1st.

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See full press release — Press Release Tacterion.