570.000 plays. My first year on Spotify!

Wow! More than 570.000 plays on Spotify within a year. Who could have thought that? Not me! I just put out a few songs februari last year and hoped a thousand people were going to like it, but a lot more happened. Of course I know 570k isn’t a lot for the big pop stars, but it is for an indie artist from Amsterdam! And this month an all time high of 40.073 monthly listeners!

Let me give you an insight in the stats I get from Spotify.

In my dashboard I can monitor the amount of streams and saves every song gets. I can see the amount during the last day, the last week, the last four weeks and I can see the all time plays. I released 7 songs last year (the first four in februari, the last three end of september). It says 8 songs here, but that 8th song is an unreleased one.

So my most popular song Truth has 196k plays in a year, Hours had 14ok and Skippy 137k. I find that impressive! Where do those plays come from? Of course from reviews on blogs and from people telling eachother about my music, but for an important part because of Discover Weekly and Spotify Playlists. Every week Spotify feeds some of my songs to the personal recommendation lists people get. And Spotify curators and other people and media and festivals making playlists have helped me a lot too.

Spotify every day gives me the amount of monthly listeners. Normally when you release a single, the life span of a track is short. It is as long as the amount of time radio stations keep on playing you. On Spotify, people keep on listening to the tracks they like as you can see below. My last release is from september.

Of course you can zoom into the daily figures. Obviously it will be a good thing to release new music because I haven’t done since september (wait for march! ;-), but I find 2.8k listeners a day really nice!

Spotify has a metric for what they call fans, people that play your songs for a certain amount of times in a period of time. According to Spotify, I now have 3.2k fans. That’s nice!

But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get in touch with those fans if they would like that? To tell them about releases, merchandise, gigs etcetera? It would help a lot if Spotify would facilitate the contact between artist and fan.

Thanks to Discover Weekly and playlists people get to hear new music. And some of them will become fans. 70% of the fans listened to my tracks in the last month.

Below you see that a big part of the listens comes from Spotify playlists and radio. But 22% from listeners saved music is good!

And of course the fans mainly listen from their saved music.

But who are those listeners? 73% is younger than 34, 47% is younger than 27. 63% of the listeners is man.

Who else do the people listen to that listen to Pip Blom? Well, for example Courtney Barnett …

Of course the listeners and where they come from varies throughout the year, but this is my Top 5 most of the time:

  1. United States of America
  2. Netherlands
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Canada

The same thing is the case with the Top Cities. Sometimes it’s American cities in the Top 10, sometimes English and this time there are a lot of German places around. It is really cool to see that I have listeners all around the globe. Knowing where people that like your music live, can help you when you want to start touring. It’s good to know about countries and cities. But statwise, I would love to have more all time stats here as well.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, keep on listening! I’ll be back with new music in March!