Apps to take care of yourself while you are in quarantine.

So we know it’s going to be a rough couple of weeks and besides the effort that makes working at home, we need to think about how we are going to take care of ourselves and especially our mental health while we are confined.

Disclaimer: If you are struggling with mental diseases and/or starting to feel that way I strongly recommend you ask for professional help. I believe mental-health it’s truly important and as you go to the dentist periodically, you should do it too with your therapist.

Let’s see How to Sleep Better? How to Stay Sane? How to be Productive? using some apps.

Google calendar or any calendar

Working from home doesn’t mean to let people (your boss, clients, stakeholders) take control of your time. A lot of people start to lose the balance between work and personal life when they are at home. You need time to concentrate on your tasks, to eat, to sleep or to do your own personal things.

So my advice is that you use your calendar to organize your meetings, your workflow, and even your personal things.

Sleep better with Noisli

Another thing that happens a lot, is that it is harder to fall sleep. Sometimes because you have your computer in your room, or because you don’t feel that you change spaces.

Noisli is an app that helps you create white noise like the sound of a forest, water, or anything that will help you boost your productivity or fall sleep. It’s actually really effective, for me it has been working amazingly!

Improve your concentration with Audible

Also to help you focus (I use it when I have mindless/repeatable tasks). Audible is a great app that has a lot of audio-books; I think it’s cool to hear something besides music. Also, I found that I’m more productive when I use my headphones, due to when I was working in an office, putting my headphones on was a sign that I wasn’t available for chit-chatting, just focusing on my tasks. Doing this will definitely put you in the mood.

Calm down and meditate using Headspace

It’s always good to take a break, breathe, meditate and have some time for yourself. Taking some time to relax is going to help your productivity and, of course, reduce your stress levels. Make sure to do it on a regular basis.

If you believe in any spiritual aspect, pray, worship or read the Bible, or any holy book has the same effect or is even more powerful than meditating. So don’t forget not only to feed your mind and body but also your spirit.

BTW: Headspace is now free for health care professionals because of the pandemic.

Play Scrabble! or any game

I have to admit that I started playing Scrabble and I love it. Playing is a really important part of us as human beings, I strongly believe that we should play more. In the computer, any sport, or anything. It’s kind of sad that as we grow older we forget how fun it is to play, and also if you can do it with some friends. I know it’s hard to find time to do it, but dude, chill and enjoy life a little more.

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Product Designer. Full Stack Human Being. Made with love ❤️ in Bogotá…

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Felipe Rosas Licht

Felipe Rosas Licht

Product Designer. Full Stack Human Being. Made with love ❤️ in Bogotá…

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