How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Water Pipe Leak

Today a water pipe leak has become a common thing; the business towers and even homes are being planned in a way carrying a web of more water sources/pipes with numerous joints and angles in between, mostly all behind the walls or in the ceilings more than ever before. Damages, because of a water pipe leak in absence of a permanent fix to the problem like a leak detector alarm, are the second-most common household insurance claim, according to the insurance information institute. Looking at the Insurance claim-facts will blow your mind out- the insurance industry estimates the policyholders are taking annual claims related specifically to the water damages that totals to- $500, 000, 000+ for buildings, $ 150, 000, 000+ for washing machine hoses, $50, 000, 000+ for leaky hot water tanks. These are certainly huge figures showing how huge a water pipe leak has become a nightmare, including the insurance companies.

A water pipe leak can flood your business with problems; make sure to protect what may not seem important now however will matter the most in a situation of leakage. Choose pipe burst pro that is certainly going to bring in the complete peace of mind along with protecting your buildings from the costly water damages. PipeBurstPro systems are easy to install and comes with an online that allows monitoring & controlling the water system from anywhere, with remote notifications. Do not leave the protection of your business/home vulnerable to disastrous leaks; be proactive with pipeburstpro offering the best protection in the market, standing behind with our products that come with a unique 2 year comprehensive warranty and 7 year limited warranty.

Our Automatic Water Protection and leak detector alarm Systems also lowers the Insurance Premiums. This has infused a great confidence in many insurance companies which are now offering commercial discounts if you get the pipe burst pro installed. Ask your insurance company today and get the discounts on offer for the businesses, planning to install automatic water protections systems. For the rest you have the assurance from pipe burst pro that works behind the scene, by placing a wireless water sensor under the sink for an example.