I got back from LA and headed straight to the office.

I was inspired.

In the cab I was thinking about, of all things, fashion. Seems like in such an inspired state I’d have a more significant thought. Really though, it was just the output of a deeper thought of (dis)satisfaction. I love the self-expression, and the visual interest, and the pleasure. The person who pairs those things well, in the right proportions with a mix of interesting textures, prints, and colors…that’s who we watch.

But the pieces themselves aren’t our own expression. We can only choose from the selection that’s in front of us. This is the dissatisfaction. I can see two pieces in front of me and know that the combination of the two is optimal but I can’t make that combination myself. I’m subject to the creators. The best I can do is curate. But what about that?

How much of our lives are a curation? How much of it is a choice between to incomplete things? What’s the combination that will make people watch? It is our combination of choices that makes us who we are and then tension between our choices and the loss of not being able to make the best version ourselves.

As I think about my own experience, there are many times I am the creator. The work I do lets me create and pushes my mind to see more perspectives and more details. But even there, it is the curation of things that makes the masterpiece. What you leave out is as important as what you leave in. It is the clarity you put forward.

There is an internal urge to create, to make things happen the way I want them to. That’s part of this blog — to find space to be a creator so that I am satisfied in a bigger way. And to recognize that in the moments of dissatisfaction, there is power also in curation.

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