7 things to keep in mind while Designing a Mobile App Website

After developing our dream application we put it out there and hope to get millions of users. But, in order to acquire so many users, focusing on promotions is extremely important.

The website plays an important role in your promotions. It gives you immense flexibility in showcasing your app. The website goes a long way in deciding whether a potential user will be downloading the application and hence paying attention to detail is crucial. These points will help you in enhancing the chances of download from the website:

1) Mobile Compatibility: Since over 40% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile, it is very important to create a mobile compatible website. If your website is not tailored right for mobile you may lose the individual who reached your website.

Always design a responsive website so that the website is perfect on all browsers and devices. Another thing that can be done is integrating a download button on the header of the mobile website.

2) Design: The look and feel of your website is paramount. Potential users will judge the app based on their experience on the website. Hence, keep it minimal, clean and easy to navigate. The ongoing trend is to have a long scroll website which would cover all the important aspects of the app. You could go through websites like pttrns.com for getting inspired and stay updated with the design trends.

3) Video: A video is the best tool for demonstrating your product. Once you have gotten an introductory video that demos your product perfectly, a user is more likely to download your application since he’s got a sneak peak of what you have to offer. It is advised to place the video demo on the first screen of the website.

4) Features: Display the features on the website in the most concise yet descriptive way possible. In most cases it is done with the help of feature videos, app screens or gifs. In lieu with the previoius point 3 if you have already uploaded a video on the website then you could go use app screens or gifs to demo your product. Along with either of these insert a one line description for each feature.

5) Feedback: Another important component of the website is the feedback section. The feedback section/button should be intuitive enough for potential users to drop in their suggestions/ feedback. As Bill gates said — “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Hence, collect as much feedback as possible by keeping it extremely easy for users to reach out to you.

6) Social Media: In order to build word of mouth for your app an active social media base is advised. Seldom do users tread onto an apps social media page, however, the times they do an active social base will make for a lasting impression. You also need to encourage individuals to share your app. For that to happen, place the social share buttons in convenient locations on the website.

7) Press Coverages & Testimonials: The best way to substantiate our product pitch we need to highlight testimonials from our users and reviews from the technology blogs. Highlighting these increase the credibility of the product. A press kit comes very handy to provide information to journalists. So do create a provision for downloading a press kit off the website directly.

By following these points you could definitely increase the rate of conversion of people reach your website to people actually downloading your app.

Originally published at blog.pipesapp.com.

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