Where does this come from? #UX

Earlier this week, a thought crossed my mind. “Where does this come from?”

‘This’, in this context is the experience which a user must totally sense to overcome his exact needs.

As a team of one, knowing the history of user experience helps you convince users that it’s not just something that you dreamed about on your desk.

If I were to add up the history of UX in a few short terms, it might go something like this: having its roots in the ancient science of ergonomics, followed by these pictograms with a touch-to-feel experience leading Winslow Taylor to figure the need of interaction between humans and their tools where then Toyota did some magical stuff followed by Steve Jobs for Apple. Pretty exciting stuff, right?

Now here’s the longer version. User experience is a modern field, but it’s been in the making for about a century. Later if we see, the modern style of user experience actually joined the industry back in the day where Xerox was building the GUI linked with a clickable mouse giving users a natural extension to their own fingers but in a digital way. Jobs was smart enough to market it right. Introducing the Macintosh to the world, He created a wave which was beneficial to all the people around the globe who cared about these minute details which summed up to create something extraordinary.

Obviously this world is a smart hub for the people where everyone is inventing and introducing something new every now and then. I am not going to talk much about the present stuff. But the touch screens and the virtual and augmented reality systems are a big step in area of UX. They are practically game changers and we will keep on growing in the tangible user experience industry.

Getting back to the history, The term started to get career on its own and today is extremely well recognised. No wonder. Ideas contained in the term “User Experience” are well funded in the centuries of exceptional work.

And that’s the history of User Experience design. Future is in our hands.

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