How to Make a Yoga Place at Home

Create cozy yoga area at your home. Tips on how to pick carpets, furniture, cleaning and maintenance

Today a lot of people are turning to yoga to release the stress accumulated in their everyday life — from work, studying, parenting, etc. But, going to yoga school just isn’t working well for everybody. Some of us feel awkward doing asana positions among other, especially strangers. If this is your case, don’t rush to quit yoga. There is a solution: Make a relaxing yoga area at the comfort of your own home.

Find the Best Spot for Yoga at Home

This is extremely important for your further practice. No matter if you are a beginner or not, finding the most appropriate place will help you. If you are in apartment, you probably won’t have the opportunity to makeover a whole room, but you can still choose the area. It is good to feel relaxed and to have enough light. Many people choose to make their yoga and meditation in their living room because this is the place they feel more relaxed and they have enough space. But, it’s not necessary to be that room, you can also use or bedroom or any other place where you feel relaxed. It’s better that there are not many things to distract you, like mirrors, for example. If there are mirrors, cover them with a blanket or sheet. Everything in yoga is about knowing your inner self, by putting your image and ego aside.

Choosing Proper Furniture

You don’t need a fancy yoga furniture at your home. Yes, it looks well in the roomier studios and it surely attracts a lot of customers there. You can put a candle or two if they make you feel more relaxed. Some pillows could be used for some positions, but what you actually need for your yoga place is a good flooring. You need to be stable for your full comfort. Otherwise, you can lose balance, fall and heart yourself really bad. If the room you’ve chosen has a hardwood floor, then you’re lucky. The only thing you need would be a yoga mat. If there is a carpet things are different. Standard carpet is OK, though if your carpet is too thick, you can easily lose your balance. In that case, you’ll need to place bamboo or wooden matting between your yoga mat and the carpet.

The Importance of Cleanliness

Hygiene is a cornerstone in improving yourself in yoga. This does not only apply to your body, but also to your home and especially the place you practice yoga. Your body will touch the floor and other surfaces a lot. Your carpets and yoga mat should be impeccably cleaned. Vacuuming and regular maintenance might not be enough to kill all bacteria and allergens that tend to accumulate in carpet’s fibers. This is why buying a steam cleaners is a must. Hot vapor eliminates all health threatening factor and leaves the carpets and surfaces sanitized. It is a reasonable investment because you can use it for the whole house. Using the services of professional cleaning company once or twice a year is also recommended.