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You might have the urge to click away from this page once you learn what intermittent fasting is. Take it from us though; it is the answer you have been looking for.

Intermittent fasting requires intermittent fasting from food.

The idea of not eating may scare you in the beginning, but once you read about the benefits, you will find yourself wanting to join in all the fuss. There are many set beliefs about dieting.

Individual groups will argue about the importance of breakfast, while others consider eating six small meals throughout the day is best. …

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The hippocampus is the part of your brain that works with memory and navigation processes.

It allows you to find your way using spatial orientation, as you find routes from an unfamiliar place, walk in the dark, or follow directions to a location.

The brain is a fantastic organ, but even it is not immune to the changes of the modern world.

As people begin to rely more on technology and GPS, scientists have started to question what effect GPS has on your hippocampus and navigational abilities.

GPS Usage and the Effect on Hippocampus Function

The hippocampus itself is the part of your brain that helps you figure out where you should go. Like any part of your body, your brain benefits from practice and regular usage. …

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There are so many diet crazes out there you probably have trouble telling them apart.

But a lot of these weight loss plans neglect fundamental principles that you can leverage to lose weight and live healthier. Mindful eating helps you grow skills and a mindset that will build your health.

What is MindLESS Eating?

Most people, it turns out, are inferior judges of calorie content. And the bigger the container, the worse we get at it.

All those times you munched through the popcorn bucket at the movies, all those times you woke up and went to the fridge just because you were awake, those were mindless eating. …