#5 Workout Ideas for Sedentary People

Pippa Palmira
Mar 4 · 10 min read

Exercises for the Desk-Bound

Adopting a lifestyle that encourages exercising pays off, it has beneficial impacts on your health and overall wellness.

Being sedentary robs you of your ability to enjoy engaging in various activities while also slushing away the years of your life.

Not working out was once considered as the epitome of being inactive but with no outstanding objections among the populous. Today, most health issues are attributed to the increasing level of inactivity in the way we live and our sedentary lifestyle choices, yet people have little to no reservations about such a lifestyle.

However, research shows that living such a life can have a dangerous impact on the body and health with adverse effects that are far worse than smoking.

Health experts call it “The Sitting Disease” terming it as the latest epidemic in today’s generation. In as much as the health specialists are doing their best to raise the red flag and ask for something to be done about the growing trend of the sedentary lifestyle, people are not taking its impacts seriously.

The more the hours spent seated, the higher the probability of developing cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. It significantly increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and depression. Such data can prove frustrating especially for professionals who have to spend hours on end seated just to earn a living.

The working citizen puts a lot of hours in their job; some do eight hours with others do more than eight, and they can do little to change the situation even if they know that such extended periods of inactivity is unhealthy.

The same predicament befalls people with disabilities who are rendered inactive due to their physical limitations even though they know the health risks and wish they could do something about it.

The need to exercise is backed by substantial scientific findings that outline numerous benefits such as:

  • Burning of calories and healthy weight management
  • It helps in fighting ailments such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • It supports better muscle development and function as well as bone strength
  • It helps in the treatment and management of stress and depression which are issues associated with a sedentary life.
  • It boosts energy levels and encouraged better moods.
  • It helps with sleeping making it an effective answer to cases of insomnia.

You may appreciate the need for workouts, and you want to exercise, but you just cannot find a way around the constraints of your job that has you sitting for hours on end.

So, how can you enjoy the benefits of exercising when faced with such restrictions?

It may be next to impossible to make changes in your life that will see you do away with that daily sedentary routine; more so if it comes with the work territory.

But it is possible to put in the hours at the office and exercise. Yes, you can get work done and still manage to do some exercising as you work using the following practical and non-intrusive items.

#1 — Use An Exercise Bike Peddler

The bike peddler is a small exercise machine that you can discreetly slip into your office routine. It resembles the lower of a bicycle. You will have pedal as your desk and can engage in some cycling as you seat for hours working.

With the bike peddler, you are not just seated still; you are also working out burning calories and losing weight as you work.

The long inactive hours of a sedentary lifestyle at the workplace can hamper proper circulation of blood, particularly to the lower part of the body. The exercise bike peddler fits below the desk and may not be easily noticeable thus presenting an opportunity to remain active therein improving the blood circulation.

The peddler has a sturdy build and is lightweight for portability. Moreover, the exercise bike peddler offers the same benefits that come with working out on a full-sized bicycle.

A few hours of peddling increase your flexibility burns calories and tones your muscles. Also, you can get back on the exercise bike peddler when you get home to strengthen your arm muscles. Some of the best models have a digital display that helps you track the time spent working out as well as determine the number of calories you burn.

Many exercise bike peddler models have the pedals moving in either direction, which is similar to what you may get with an elliptical trainer. The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is the mini version of the full-size models.

It can fit under the desk and allow you to exercise discreetly. You can gauge the time put into the workout and monitor how much calories you burn.

#2 — Wellness Balls

Exercising can be hard to do if your professional life has you putting in many work hours to a point where you find yourself short on time for other things.

Fortunately, you can avoid having to sit still if you make use of some of the portable workout tools available today and manage to remain in excellent health.

Wellness ball can offer you a way out when trying to exercise as you work. The ball is big enough to be used as chairs and thus can substitute your office chair. Most of the desk chairs have limited movement, even those that have a swivel functionality.

The seated position means that you have fewer options for operating your muscle groups, but this is possible using the wellness ball which will require you to maintain your balance using your core muscles. The effort put into staying upright engages the muscles while also burning fat.

The balls are inflatable meaning they are portable; you can take them home after work for an extra workout session. You may get home feeling too tired to do anything else besides sitting, and you can do just that with the wellness ball as you settle in to watch the television. When seated on the balls, you will be working out all the major muscle groups.

Wellness balls are made from vinyl thus they are robust and comfy. You should consider buying such a ball and get two or more washable covers as well most which have a velvety feel and will not be hard to slide on and off the ball. You will get more out of the wellness balls if you opt for the freestanding use; however, you can get a wheeled base if you are not into the freestanding idea.

The base provides a stable and somewhat stationary positioning that makes the ball resemble a chair, but one with some unconventional benefits. For instance, the user will have to maintain a proper balance, and it helps to tighten up and strengthen the back and abdomen muscles.

#3 — Get a Swopper

A swopper is a unique chair that has created a buzz because it came into the scene and revolutionized sitting. It is not a chair, but more of a seating platform.

The long hours spent seated at the office, or home working can have its toll on your thighs, legs, shoulders and lower back. Remaining in that position for hours on end can even become uncomfortable, and the muscles will quiver and ache when you stand up for a short break and stretch. The reason for the pain is the stationary state you are forced to endure by the chair.

The desk chairs at the workplaces inhibit the movement of core muscles by forcing the pelvis to stay stationary. Such stillness and the body weight support soon start affecting your overall health and well-being leading to poor blood circulation, lowering your concentration and other issues.

Furthermore, the extended period of sitting weaken the muscles. The still posture you are forced to endure by the chair also leads to poor posture, and this affects both muscles, tissues, and bones. In short, the human body was not designed to remain still for extended durations.

As such, you should consider investing a chair uniquely created to encourage movement. The swopper has a swivel action that allows you turn in any direction, but it also takes things a notch higher compared to other standard swivel seats. It can lean right or left as they user gently sways back and forth.

The swopper has a strong spring under the cushion that will support your weight allowing you to bounce up and down if you so wish. As such, you get to engage the leg and abdomen muscles as well as your forearm muscles and biceps as you try to bounce up and down.

You can enjoy a professional approach to working out while seated on the swopper. You raise your arm as you try to bounce up and down on the chair. You do these exercise within a few minutes while in your cubicle or office.

You will not have to adjust your body to conform to the sitting restrictions as you otherwise would if you were using the conventional desk chairs. With the swopper, you get something that adjusts to your body; it moves and conforms to your movement.

It does this by triggering the use of more muscles while seated and encourages the right postures thus allowing you to breathe easier and your lungs to expand fully.

Proper breathing is essential for blood circulation because it ensures there is ample oxygen supplied to through the body including the brain and this helps in staying alert while working. The swopper is an excellent choice if you have back pain issues.

It is has a lightweight build for portability thus allowing you to move it around the workplace or even take it home during the weekend breaks. It works for everyone because it is adjustable to conform to the user’s weight and height.

#4 — Rolling Footrests

Footrest — that is a word rarely associated with fitness. Such a conclusion is valid if you are thoughts are directed to the traditional footrests since they would not suffice for any other purposes better than being a place to kick back and put up the feet to rest.

The kind of footrest that is the focus here is ones whose innovation is centered around promoting health and wellness. It is the footrest you should get, and it is called a Webble. The item is designed for people who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle but desire to stay fit and healthy as they work in the office or at home.

Ideally, this is a footrest, but it offers more than just this purpose. It is not an item that will sit there. You will put your feet on it, and it starts moving around. You can program it to move at different degrees. The amazing thing is that your energy powers the footrest.

The pressure exerted by your feet is enough to get is going once your rock it back and forth. It looks like a fancy skateboard and you can even have it up on one of its ends like you would with a skateboard by applying pressure and control using your feet.

The Webble is covered in a durable mesh for durability. It has four casters for easy mobility around the tile, carpet or wooden flooring. But it tends to have a much freer movement on very smooth floor surfaces. You can rock it back and forth or from side to side, and these motions help to work and strengthen the leg muscles.

Furthermore, the movements increase flexibility and boost blood flow to the bottom half of the body. The footrest has an ergonomic design function that helps in promoting good sitting posture and this aids in lessening the pressure on your spine and feet allowing you to exercise and prevent back strain as your work at behind your office desk.

It activates the use of the core muscles since it encourages the movement of the pelvic area, which puts your thigh muscles into use. Moreover, the Webble is designed to have the feet feeling comfortable and rested, and it can also treat your feet to a massage when you rub them against the angled edges.

Such a function is deal for the arches of the feet and helps them feel relaxed while working. The footrest can also focus on your peroneal tibia, posterior, extensors, and anterior.

#5 — Change Your Desk

If you have to set at the desk for the better part of the day, then get something that helps you to get fit as opposed to detracting from your overall health. Get something such as the FitDesk.

It is more of a bicycle fitted into a desk. It is perfect for people who rarely will get away from their desks even if it is to walk to another part of the workplace. In short, it allows them to stay mobile without having to move around the place.

It has the storages spaces, such as drawers, that a conventional desk would have and a top platform that can support a computer, laptop or files when doing some paperwork.

The FitDesk is wide thus allowing for a comfortable sitting, and it has resistance bands, padded armrests, and backrest. You can monitor your performance and gauge your calorie burn as your work.

Exercise Tools that Can Make a Difference

Other than the products mentioned above, you can also rely on other smaller items that are equally lightweight, durable, and portable to help you do more in your sedentary lifestyle. Some of the options you could consider include:

  • Dumbbells with edged corners
    You can look for sizeable ones that you can keep on the desk. The edged corners keep them from rolling away. You can use these to work our arm muscles and biceps when at the office.
  • Ankle Weights
    You can use these for an added resistance. They can also help to tone the leg muscles while also improving blood circulation.
  • Resistance bands
    You can have these in the workplace and use them when work does not require the use of both hands.
  • Power ball
    A product such as the WeiHeng Force Ball is an excellent choice for exercising your wrists, and forearms.

There you have it, the answers you seek to overcome that sedentary lifestyle and staying fit and healthy while working seated behind the office desk for hours on end.

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