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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

Mohammadreza Alidoost: This story contains the same message. You’ll feel amazing once you’ve taken that small step. And that wonderful feeling will help you take the next step.

The story of “ Iconly icon pack “ which is now known and downloaded ~200k times worldwide, started with a small step, a beginning for a series of exciting things that happened next. Things that pump that excitement levels up in us.

Piqo design team

Arman Rokni: Everything started when our baby peacock 🦚 was born. We were three designers back then, Me (Arman), Afshin, and Mohammadreza. Each one is having its own unique profession. Afshin always loved designing icons and had a good amount of experience in this field.

Afshin T2Y: We usually tried to post concepts on our dribbble every day to keep Piqo’s page updated but then came a when we found ourselves in too much work that we couldn’t manage to prepare shots for our dribbble, so we decided to design some icons and post it on dribbble. It all started with that! Unexpected right? The excellent point of this was that Icon Design was both easy and exciting for me! 😬

I had designed 15 icons for that dribbble shot. The feedback was unbelievable, and many designers asked us to share the source file to use in their projects.


Arman Rokni: This was an opportunity which we couldn’t afford to neglect. So we did a research and found 25 essential icons, which where quite enough for the majority of concepts and fields. In our researches, we found out that the majority of icon packs had the “outline” style, and the “border” style was lacking! So we included that alongside the other four styles, which were: “outline”, “bold”, “bulk,” and “broken”. Afshin T2Y did the designing and me (Arman Rokni) and Mohammadreza Alidoost managed other tasks such as optimizing the source file, organizing the icons and, designing the presentation.

We arrived to a icon pack including 125 (5 x 25) icons from a Dribbble shot. Made it’s presentation and released it on ui8 for free. The feedback was terrific, and the designers loved it so much.

Due to the unexpected love that designers expressed to the product, ICONLY became the first freebie product on the UI8 Marketplace, got featured by UI8 Marketplace and made its way up in others sections as well. And became the most downloaded and liked the product on the UI8 Marketplace.
As a matter of fact, according to the ranking by Alexa, a considerable number of ui8’s users visited the site for downloading Iconly only!

Iconly was known by more designers now, every concept that was designed with Iconly overwhelmed us with joy and gave us more energy.

It was the time for reviewing the feedbacks that we received, because we wanted to help designers to reach to Iconly easier. It was then that we realized that Figma had gained a considerable number of users so we decided to release Iconly in Figma community too. Not long after, Iconly became featured there too!

After Figma, Iconly got promoted by Sketch as the “Selected Icon Pack of The Month” and introduced to designers via email. This was beyond our expectations and we decided to work on Iconly 2.0.
Piqo was getting known more and more known and loved with Iconly day by day.

Iconly 2.0 was released with 500 icons (5 styles x 100 icons). This time we introduced “Iconly Plugin” alongside the icon pack, we developed plugins for Figma, Sketch and, Adobe XD. The plugin had some bugs initially, which we fixed over time.

Design Influencers such as “Sajon, Harshil, Micheal and, others” started to introduce us to other designers, and Iconly was introduced as one of the best icon sources in the educational content.
Famous and incredible designers started to use Iconly in their concepts or their products.

Well-known teams like Unsplash (Mac app) or Crypto.com (NFT section) used Iconly in their products, we didn’t notice all of these, but we hope that this kind of thing happens more often Iconly being used by more creators.

Iconly Progress

Arman Rokni: The icon pack which started with only 15 icons for a dribbble shot, started to grow bigger it was then that we started to design a website for Iconly so designers could download the icon pack directly from there. Hirad, our front-end developer is also helping us at this stage. The website contains almost everything about Iconly! Plugins, social media, font icon, glassy icons and much more! You can even buy us a coffee if you love our product. This section is still WIP.

Download on Figma Community

Afshin T2Y: During the time that Glassmorphism was trending in the community, we decided to make some glassy icons and share it as a dribbble shot to promote Iconly. Same as before a simple idea resulted in the source of Glassy Iconly! We decided to release it free, and it became a valuable and exciting product for designers.

Something interesting was happening, designers were developing a positive feeling for piqo and iconly, they were loving it! It was then that we noticed that a developer from “Argentina” named “Junior Garcia” made Iconly’s react component. Now Iconly wasn’t just for designers; it became the favorite icon pack of many designers and developers.

In our researches, we noticed that users love the “curved” icon style, so we released Iconly 2.2 with a new icon style, and that was “curved,” Now, Iconly had six styles in total.


Talking about the challenges, as Iconly is a freebie it was a common issue that some people published it as their own product in sites like uplabs, etc. Also as it was an open source project some people edited the source file and released their own version of the icon pack. These were the challenges we faced, and every time, we handled these challenges by contacting these people via email as we noticed these occasions.

Download on Gumroad.com

We never saw Iconly as 2D only icon pack, so alongside Iconly Pro ( Which is a much more complete version of Iconly ), we started working on Iconly 3D (soon) and Iconly animation.

Mohammadreza Alidoost: When we started to work on Iconly pro, we knew that this had to be something different and calm; it took a lot of team meetings and brainstorming, analyzed different points with a high amount of concentration, and based on this analysis, we made Iconly pro’s roadmap and started designing it.

Iconly Pro Progress


Afshin T2Y: We wanted Iconly pro to get big, like really BIG, but not only number-vise. So we added different icons in different categories with different states and styles, and something even more interesting… we added different forms too, let me elaborate it more by an example: How many icons do you think different icon packs have for a specific topic like “home” for example?
Umm, we have different forms for frequently used icons in Iconly Pro! Hell yeah now you can choose from a variety of icons for a certain topic! interesting right?! Imagine having a variety of home, messages or, profile icons! I’m personally in love with this feature of Iconly Pro!

I presented Iconly pro to my teammates almost every week and told them about the progress I made in these 7 days, they looked at the icons and their reaction was: “ Wow! This looks lit man! You nailed it!” he was giving me a considerable amount of good vibes!

Arman Rokni: These weekly meetings were mostly for maintaining our morale, planning and keeping up to our plans. You know we Designers have sometimes in our life called Art-block-mode, imagine us being magicians and designing being our magic wand. Being art-blocked is when we don’t have our magic wand with us and we aren’t able to design something new! We had this challenge, and our weekly meetings and saw how the tasks were being handled ideally kept this to its minimum and helped us all a lot!

Iconly Pro will be published monthly, meaning that we will be adding several icons to the source each month. As of now, we’re busy preparing the icons, plugins, etc. soon; we will announce a lot of good news for you all!

Mohammadreza Alidoost: Before publishing Iconly Pro we made pages for it on Twitter, Instagram and, Dribbble. So if you want to get the latest news about Iconly pro and it’s roadmap and progress, you can follow it’s social pages! This warms our hearts.

Last but not least we thank you for reading our beloved Iconly’s story, let us know about your thoughts on Iconly in the comments below! We always read and appreciate your valuable comments and feedbacks.

If you think you can do anything to make the Iconly products even BIGGER, we always welcome your ideas and appreciate your love and attention.

Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | Dribbble | Gumroad

Much ❤️
- Piqo Team




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We are creating a new vision for your products! So let us tell you how we do that!

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