The rest of this blog post is worthless if you don’t make sleep a priority. Who cares if you wake up at 5 o’clock A.M. if you went to bed three hours earlier?
8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.
Benjamin P. Hardy

Sleeping 7 hours < Sleeping 6 hours


How do you expect a person to have a 7 hour sleep and be successful in this domain of era? Everyday lasts for 24 hours (duh). By spending 7 hours we are basically consuming a third of it almost, to rest when we actually need far less. Research has proven and shown that humans don’t need 7 hour sleep. Its not a set time span or anything. The sleep requirement for every person varies. A teenager who spends all his day being a couch potato needs less sleep than a teenager who does a lot of exercise or mental work. Personally I believe maybe 6 hours is good enough. Also, according to research, our bodies function at top efficiency after 9AM (almost) and we need a nap mid day to recharge our energy level. If we can do that, then the sleep time at night reduces further. Maybe it would be more feasible to have a three hour nap after lunch and then sleep for a further 3 hours at 3AM.

Leonardo Da Vinci used to sleep 25 (or was it 20?) minutes each hour. Its called the polyphasic sleep cycle. He slept for 2 hours in total and he was quite successful at whatever he did. Edison practiced the same thing (but his success is another conundrum altogether). Tesla did not practice the polyphase sleep cycle but he also slept for only two hours. Obama, Freud and many people the society deems successful sleep/slept for 6 hours.

Now of course we cannot duplicate his sleeping pattern for obvious reasons but it at least gives us a standard.

6 hours is good enough.

To check an infographic about the sleep pattern of our ‘heroes’, see this.

P.S. These people put the hard work and today the world remembers them. They have made history. I don’t know about any of you. But I’ll want to do that too. Even if takes some hours of my beloved and yearned for sleep.