Player’s Guide to PVP

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4 min readSep 6, 2022


- Players must download and install the latest version of the client for PVP mode from the game website. It currently supports only Windows and Android.
Website >>

- Log in to the game from the website. Go to the cog icon in the top right corner >> Link Username and set your own Username / Password.

- Open the client and log in with the Username / Password you have set.

- Press the + button, select a Ship to use for PVP, and press the PVP button to find a match.

Entering PVP requires 1 Supply

Each ship starts with 3 Supplies. To play a PVP battle, you have to pay 1 Supply for entrance. If the ship doesn’t have any Supplies left, it cannot be used to play the PVP.

To replenish Supplies, go to the game webpage >> PVP >> Available and select a quest to replenish the Supplies. Choose whether to fill 1, 2 or 3 Supply with different required time length, then select the ship you want to replenish its Supplies along with the captain and crew (no effect at the moment), and press the Start Quest button. The ship will receive the specified number of Supplies immediately when the quest starts.

You can claim your rewards from playing PVP in the “Completed” tab. Rewards start with 50% Tax which is reduced by 10% every 24 hours. (Claimable in full after 5 days of waiting.)

Basics to PVP battles

You can view the skills of your own ship and your opponent’s by clicking on the captain’s portrait representing each side. (Your ship’s name will be on blue while your opponent’s will be on red.)

Roll Phase
Roll the available 6 dice to use for skill costs. You may roll up to 3 times. After each roll, you can choose any number of dice to lock (preventing it from being re-rolled). When 3 rolls have been performed or all dice are locked, press Confirm to proceed to the next phase.

Skill Phase
Choose the skill(s) that will be activated that turn. Each skill has a “cost” in the upper left corner. You can only choose as many skills as you are able to pay for the cost (you may use up to 2 skills each turn, if both skills require only 3 dice). Press “Choose” to select the desired skill(s). Once finished, press “Battle” to proceed to the next phase.

Battle Phase
Both ships will activate their chosen skill(s) in order, based on the SPD (the boot icon). Skills with higher SPD ​​will be resolved faster.


- HP🩸 = Hit Points
- ATK⚔ = Attack Power
- MNV💨 = Maneuverability, or the percentage chance to evade
- LUCK💥 = The percentage chance to land a Critical Hit
- Burn🔥 = A burning ship loses 5% HP per instance of Burn effect at the start of each turn.
- Hole🌑 = A ship with 13 instances (or more) of Hole effect immediately loses the battle.
- Shield🛡 = Reduces first incoming damage by the percentage.
- Repair🛠 = Recovers HP and repels Burn.
- Sacrifice💉 = Loses HP as part of the Skill. (Warning: Can result in self-destruction.)
- Skull (die face)☠ = Wild. Can be any die face.
- Critical Hit💢 = Deals 1.5x damage and never misses.
- Buff➕ = Buffs last through the end of the next turn after being applied
- SPD = Each Skill Card has speed that indicates the order of resolution. The skill with the highest SPD will be resolved first. A tie in SPD is broken by the ship’s MNV, HP, and NFT number (favoring higher MNV, lower HP, and lower NFT number).
- If the winner is not decided by the end of the 10th turn, the ship with a higher percentage of remaining HP automatically wins the battle. It can be a draw if both ships have the same percentage of remaining HP.