PVP info 1: The Supply System & Earnings💰

Pirate X Pirate | PXP
2 min readAug 12, 2022


Hello there, Pirates. Let’s get yourselves all familiar with the new system to be implemented in PXP Phase 2: The Supplies and how much you can earn daily from PVP Battles.

🎁Supply System⛵
- Each ship can hold a maximum of 3 Supplies, which can be spent to participate in PVP Battles. Each Battle requires 1 Supply to play. A ship with 0 Supplies is unable to play in PVP Battles.
- To replenish Supplies, you can send the ship to take on a Supplies Quest which works just like a normal Quest (the Ship along with 1 Captain and 2 Crew Members).
- There will be 3 available options for Supplies Quests, which provide 1/2/3 Supplies over 8/16/24 hours and consume 10/20/30 Rations respectively.
- The Ship will immediately receive the Supplies right after it starts a Supplies Quest and can be used to participate in PVP Battles. However, it can no longer start another Supplies Quest until its on-going Supplies Quest is finished.

Earning Gold in PXP Phase 2 will be mainly from the PVP Battles. You earn more if you have what it takes to win the battles.

- 320 Gold per win.

- 120 Gold per loss.

- 220 Gold per draw.

Simply put, a ship can make up to 960 Gold/day!💰

Gold rewards from PVP Battles can be claimed the conventional way in the Pirate X Pirate webgame (with a starting tax at 50%, reducing 10% every 24 hours.)