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Dismantle & Assemble

Another system to be introduced into PXP Phase 2 is the “Ship Dismantling”. As the name suggests, it is how you break apart your ships in order to recycle its parts. As you may already know, PXP Phase 2 comes with the ship deterioration mechanic. Here are the details:

A newly-built ship starts with 15/15 Armor. This value will decrease by 1 every time the ship is involved in a battle. Once the Armor reaches 0/15, the ship is rendered unusable until you either repair the ship to make it usable once again, or dismantle it and use its parts to build a new ship.

You can repair a ship to replenish its armor from your Inventory. Select a ship you want to repair and you will find the Repair button on its detail page. Repairing decreases Durability by 1. However, if any part of the ship has only 1 Durability left, you will not be able to repair it; You can only dismantle it in this case.

Each Ship Part starts with 8/8 Durability. Every time the ship is repaired or dismantled, the Durability value of each part will decrease by 1. Once the durability reaches 0/8 the part is rendered unusable until it gets Revived.

If you want to use any part of a ship to build a new one, you can dismantle the ship to retrieve its 6 parts. Dismantling decreases Durability by 1.

If the ship’s Armor is full at 15/15, Durability will not be reduced when dismantled.

Fee for dismantling: 100 PXP + 0.00125 BNB

You can assemble a ship using the 6 parts: Figurehead, Deck, Hull, Sail, Cannon, and Keel (parts with 0 Durability cannot be used). Assembly requires 2,500 PXP. Crewmen with the Craftsmanship skill can help reduce the cost by 500 PXP each to the max 1,000 PXP from 2 crewmen. You will also need to pay a 0.00125 BNB fee. A newly-assembled ship starts with 15/15 Armor Crew members are NOT consumed when used this way.

Fee for assembling: 1,500 to 2,500 PXP + 0.00125 BNB

A part with 0 Durability will be unusable. You will need a Revive Potion to replenish its Durability. This rare item can be obtained through crafting or participating in a special event.

Disclaimer: Information present in this article is not final and subject to change prior to the release.
Disclaimer 2: The fee above does not include the usual gas fee of the blockchain transaction.