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2 min readJul 11, 2022


Shifting towards Phase 2

Pirate X Pirate is all geared up towards Phase 2 full of changes and upgrades!

📣Ahoy there, Pirate Mateys!

As we are all amidst the shifting to the new era where gold will not be as abundant as it has been, you should be prepared for what is to come in Phase 2. Of course, gold will be more scarce, but not for the strong. When gold is rare to find, plundering will prove more efficient!

⚔PXP Phase 2🎉

- The game will shift its focus from C2E to P2E. Quests will no longer yield Gold, but useful materials instead. These materials will be usable in crafting of items and ship parts.

🗡PVP Battle System✨

- The new game mode, PVP Battle will be your main method to earn Gold instead of taking Quests. You will earn Gold by battling with other players. You will earn even more Gold if you have what it takes to win the battles.

⛵PVP Battle Info🏴

- Ships, Captains, and Crew will have daily quota of Stamina required to participate in PVP Battles.
- A Ship will consist of 6 Parts which determine the 6 skills of the Ship.
- Different Ship Class will have different strengths and weaknesses, determined by their base stats. This will be elaborated further in later articles.
- PVP Battle is based on a dice-rolling system. You will roll 6 dice to determine what you can do each turn.
- Spd of the skills determine the order of skill resolution.

🛠Base Stats include:
HP — Hit Points
indicates the amount of damage the ship can take before it gets sunk.
ATK — Attack determines the damage the ship can inflict with attacks.
MNV — Maneuverability determines the chance of the ship dodging incoming attacks.
LUK = Luck plays a part in landing a critical attack.

🏴‍☠️ The Road to the Pirate King has begun.👑
Stay tuned for more updates and tips.

Info based on PXP WhitePaper
PVP/PVE — Whitepaper (piratexpirate.io)