Ship Class: Barque

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2 min readJul 22, 2022


The Barque is the second largest ship class in the game, or the light heavyweight fighter of PXP. With a glance you can see it has two masts and a flagpole. Let’s get to its base stats.

HP ⭐⭐

As the ship size implies, this class of ship has higher HP than its smaller counterparts. Its LUCK is also high enough to allow it to land critical strikes more easily. With its low MNV, the Barque does not mind taking hits from the enemy, as long as it is the first to sink the opposing ship and win the battle.

Build Recommendation for a Barque

Fight to Death with ATK + LUCK


To maximize your damage output, you need to push your ATK and LUCK though the roof. The Katana Figurehead is highly recommended for this playstyle as it helps boost ATK+10 and LUCK+5, not to mention its active skill that provides another LUCK+50! Now even the swiftest Caravels may not be able to dodge your devastating critical attacks.


For the Hull, we recommend equipping the Bone Hull with its amazing dual boost of ATK+10 and LUCK+5. Its skills can also Repair and raise even more LUCK.


For the Sail, you can either go for an ATK boost for more predictable damage output or a LUCK boost for a higher chance to end the battle prematurely. The Steam Sail gives a whopping boost to your attack power with its ATK+15 stat and the ATK-buffing active skill. On the other hand, the Tatter Sail will be more LUCK-oriented, allowing you to deal more serious damage to your opponent if the odds are in your favor.

Note: Stats may be adjusted during the development process.

With decent HP and LUCK, the Barque is suitable for a more direct, all-in fighting style. It is up to you which style to go for. Stay tuned for the next episode of the series for the last ship class building tips!