Ship Class: Brig

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2 min readJul 20, 2022


Here comes another ship class we are discussing today: Brig. A Brig is a little larger than a Caravel. It takes 8 hours to complete a quest. Its mast and flagpole are medium-sized. Let’s take a look at its base stats.

HP ⭐
MNV ⭐⭐

A Brig is well-balanced in terms of MNV and LUCK, despite its fairly low HP. This ship class is easier to build around its MNV and LUCK stats, resulting in a ship that excels in both evading and landing critical hits. Here are our suggestions for a Brig build.

Build Recommendation for a Brig

MNV & LUCK Balanced Build


With fairly balanced base stats, you can either equip your Brig with LUCK for a more reliable critical chance and boost its ATK at the same time. Recommended Figurehead would be Night Owl or Wolf, both of which increase the two stats mentioned above.


For the Hull, it is recommended that you opt for a part that boosts LUCK such as the Bone Hull that gives LUCK+5 and an active skill buffing even more LUCK during the battle, or the Classic Hull that increases both LUCK and MNV and has a Repair 5% skill to enhance your survivability.


The Classic Sail can enhance both of your LUCK and MNV by 5 each, while the Wing Sail gives you a more MNV-oriented build with its MNV+10 base stats and the Wind Rider skill to boost MNV.

Note: Stats may be adjusted during the development process.

Overall, a Brig offers well-balanced base stats in both evasion and assault. It is up to you whether to focus more on one stat or go for both, because why not?