Ship Class: Caravel

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2 min readJul 15, 2022


To make sure all of you are well-equipped for the PVP-focused Phase 2, we are providing you “Road to the Pirate King”, a series of articles that will make you more familiar with strengths and weaknesses of each ship class, as well as how to build an effective ship for the battles. Let’s start with the smallest, swiftest class, Caravel.

A ship consists of 6 parts assembled as one whole ship. The Keel determines the size of the ship. The base stats of Caravel Keel is as follows:

HP ⭐
MNV ⭐⭐⭐

Being the smallest ship class in the game, the Caravel has a mast and a flagpole. Its strength lies in the ability to outmaneuver the opponent with agility to compensate for its fairly low HP and LUK. With decent build and a bit of luck, you could even finish your battles with just a scratch or two.

Build Recommendation for a Caravel

MNV-Oriented for Maximum Evasion


There are a few types of Figureheads that give a nice boost for MNV. We recommend the Night Owl for Figurehead due to its incredible MNV+10 stats and the Active Skill that can boost MNV+50 during the heat of battle. Its base stats and skill combined yield a hefty 60 MNV in total!


The best possible part for this build can only be the Cyber Hull as it helps raise MNV+5 and comes with a skill that can Repair 10% and Shield 25% to increase your survivability in a longer fight.


Equipping your ship with the Wing Sail will raise your ship’s stats by a whopping MNV+10. It also has a skill to boost MNV+40 that literally makes it fly.

Note: Stats may be adjusted during the development process.

That is all for now. We hope this series will give you a better understanding towards how to build your battleships in the Phase 2. Stay tuned for more tips and insights in the second episode of the Road to the Pirate King series!