why isn’t there a WikipediaSoWhite hashtag somewhere?

literally read this sentence just now in wikipedia’s entry on Queen Ka’ahumanu, aka My All Time Favorite Hawaiian Queen Up Until The Moment She Converted To Christianity And Became One of Those Obnoxious Islander Church ladies *ahem*

In some ways Kaʻahumanu was ahead of her time and championed the rights of native Hawaiian women, although this was to her own advantage.

like, wtf is that even? “the rights of native Hawaiian women”? except for a few pasty missionary chicks and maybe a sprinkling of gals from other parts of polynesia there really wasn’t anything other than native Hawaiian women in the women department at the time. in other words this wasn’t a “native Hawaiian women”’s rights issue, it was just WOMEN. WOMEN’S RIGHTS, and even that’s a very westernized concession from me right there because I’m pretty sure her praxis wasn’t that advanced.

(also love how casually the author(s) of this article mention — I’m paraphrasing — “isn’t it great her late husband’s son didn’t murder her for simply eating with him?” yeah, probably, we should be able to agree to that, it shouldn’t be controversial, it would be great if men generally didn’t murder women for, I dunno, existing, but sure, let’s give liholiho a fucking cookie.)

(but I digress.)

and second, “although this was to her own advantage” ???? what’s with the judgy tone, wikipedia? do women try to get rights for other women but NOT OURSELVES PERSONALLY? or is this just really shitty writing?

I don’t know who writes or transcribes this stuff, I don’t have time to sit around editing wikipedia when I have other things to write, but sometimes I just read things like this and wish there was some way of flagging a sentence for overt colonialism.