Introducing the Counter.Fund High Councilors: Peter Belau

On Counter.Fund’s Court Jew.


As Pax Dickinson’s first High Council appointee (and CTO of Confed.Co, Counter.Fund’s software provider), I’m going to be with Counter.Fund at least through the first parliamentary elections. Past that, the influencers will be free to vote me off if they don’t like me, but until then, that makes me Counter.Fund’s defacto Court Jew ( pegs me at 98% yid). I’ll return to this later for those who consider it important.

The politics of the reactionary right are generally ill-defined. There are a great number of competing ideas and an even greater number of economic contributors vying for influence. It’s difficult to separate the poseurs from the bonafide, especially when the Marxist left is intent on de-platforming and destroying anyone who rejects their agenda. Since we see truth as virtue, we seek to re-platform the de-platformed and empower those who pursue the truths that the Marxist left so vehemently denies are real. We consider it a moral responsibility to vanquish the left’s empire of lies.

I came into the real counter culture, because, like many others, I began seeing glitches in the simulation. I like to joke that, as a liberal, I made the mistake of being genuinely open-minded. I started questioning The Narrative and the left branded me a Fascist. I thought they were nuts. In time, I realized that the Marxists were right; I am a fascist: the Marxist left believes in equality; I believe in hierarchy; the left believes in individual rights only insofar as they further their group power dynamic; I believe in the collective responsibly to drive the individual towards Truth and Excellence ; the left believes that power is an instrument of oppression; I believe that power is a divine call to stewardship.

The left says that we’re all fascists and they’re correct. We are all fascists. It’s just that some of us haven’t figured it out yet. For those who are still skeptical, Counter.Fund will wait for you. Our walled garden is a safe-space for those who question The Narrative. As long as you accept our achingly-benevolent form of hierarchy, you’ll receive as much influence as you can earn and keep as much as you can steward.

Pax, myself, and the rest of the advisers are here to get the ball rolling. Counter.Fund is not a money making operation. Sitting on the High Council does not net me a single shekel. It does not grant me any special powers. All I can do is brag about having some LARP-y title. Perhaps eventually that’ll be worth something in prestige — for now, not so much. Again, this isn’t about the money; it’s about the fascism. I’m doing my part. I’ve been involved with reactionary politics for a number of years. I know the players, I understand the factions, and I’m crazy enough to do this publicly. I’m here to assist Pax in building our big tent.

Our tent has room for:

  • Fascists of all stripes (duh)
  • white nationalists
  • Neo Pagans
  • Neo Reactionaries
  • Jacobites
  • National Socialists
  • Christian Traditionalists
  • Anarcho-Capitalists
  • Confused Libertarians and Embarassed Liberals
  • … and even some Jews

While there’s a place in Counter.Fund for anyone who isn’t brainwashed with egalitarianism, this article was written with an eye towards the vilest of deplorables, the true Alt-right: National Socialists and white nationalists. You have a special place in my heart and I welcome you.

I can hear the mouths screeching and see the eyes rolling: “A kike talking about how the right needs to be inclusive. Oy vey! SHUT IT DOWN!”

I like white nationalists. I count many among my friends. I wholeheartedly believe in the 14 words and that the future of western civilization rests on them. There are many members in your community who would vouch for my ideological purity (even though I’m not an ideologue) and I’ve been actively pushing white nationalist talking points in the media. The JQ and the Jewish relationship to international Communism are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. I’m not a white nationalist though; I prefer my ideologies not delivered stillborn and without vestigial leftist bits.

Race-realism is where the Alt-right does God’s work and the Alt-right view of the Jewish character is largely correct if tragically incomplete. I don’t need Kevin Macdonald to know about the Culture of Critique; a little introspection is sufficient. I grew up in a secular, Globalist Jewish household that regarded rural Christian tradition as provincial and backwards. My parents believed that “real Americans” were stupid rednecks and that America was never great. But this doesn’t mean that your average middle class Jew has evil in his heart. He’s not active conspirator of the ZOG. If he’s somehow on Soros’ payroll he doesn’t know it. He’s a useful idiot controlled through manipulation of the basest elements within his ethnic psyche: extreme in-group loyalty, aggressiveness, neuroticism, subversiveness.

Here’s another wrinkle: these so-called “evil” Jewish traits are no more evil than the ethnic traits of any other high-functioning group. In broad strokes: if Jews are tribal, whites are mercantile; if Jews are neurotic, whites are complacent; if Jews are psychopathic then whites suffer from over-attachment. Jews subvert while whites virtue spiral. Jews are not evil. Jewish traits need to be managed but if they are managed properly they can be superpowers:

  • Tribalism is in-group loyalty. My in-group is the far-right.
  • Anger and neuroticism are sources of energy. Mine are directed towards the institutions of the left.
  • Talmudic pedantry can degenerate to nihilism, but good accounting begets equity.
  • Psychopathy and detachment are great truth-seeking tools. Cognitive dissonance is debilitatingly triggering for those who attach their egos to their ideologies.
  • Subversiveness, if managed keeps your institutions honest and your social immune defenses strong

And, of course, there’s Jew Privilege. I’ll be happy to use mine to say the things that white people can’t. The kikes will probably revoke it but I’ll try anyway.

No racial group is immune to dysfunctional impulses. The Nordic white obsessions with “fairness” and “social justice” leave them drowning in social-signaling purity spirals. SJW cucks self-flagellating over white guilt and dweller “National Socialists” who won’t stop one-upping each other on who’s most eager to gas the kikes are expressing the same underlying pathologies (BTW, read your history, dwellers: even Hitler had Emile Maurice).

In its virtuous form, the huwhite obsession with fairness and justice gave us the Viking kings who civilized Europe. This is why Counter.Fund welcomes the far-right. No one knows social justice like white people and fascistic white supremacy is the ultimate social justice technology.

To conclude, I’d like to express my earnest gratitude for the extended audition to be in service to our cause. I’ll be writing more and doing the media rounds shortly. As a Jew and a Based Shitlord, I look forward to the inevitable rees, the autistic screeching, and perhaps even some dialogue.

Until then: Hail Victory!

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