Curated list of best & active blogs, directories and news sites based on 1000+ sites over the internet

Following are the list of sites, you should send your startup information to get early users, feedback, etc

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Startup Listing sites/directories

  • Hackernews : Show HN tab to show product/startup to community of users
  • Product Hunt : The best new products, every day
  • Reddit Entrepreneurs : Active user community discussing about entrepreneurship, startups, new products etc
  • Reddit Startups: Active user community discussing about new startups
  • Startupblink: Global Startup directory with maps
  • Launchingnext: Showcases promising new startups every day.
  • Killerstartups: Reviewing up-&-coming internet startups, right at their birth.

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In the recent years, there have been so many APP in the market on both Google Play Store and iOS app store, the competition is tough and is even getting tougher than ever.

Now, as a founder/marketer of app what should be done to showcase your app & mark your presence. All we need to do start with basics and climb each step of the app marketing.
What are these basics of the app marketing? Who will tell us what to do and how to do the same? These questions act as nightmare sometimes.

Get the 8 things on board for your marketing plan and you are right there to launch your APP in the market. …



Promote your startup — Pitching to 100+ tech publishers at once & we manually submit your startup details to 25 startup listing sites.

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