Using Pokémon GO to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

Unless you have been living off the land for the past couple of months, you are sure to have heard of the storm Pokémon GO is causing across the globe. And if you own a brick-and- mortar business, this is your great chance to use it to your advantage…

Pokémon GO may be a fad, but it may also be the beginning of a new era of Augmented Reality meeting the Internet of Things. Whatever the future may hold, if leveraging Pokémon GO can help businesses drive customers to their physical location, one shouldn’t waste a second to capitalize on its current popularity, while it lasts.

While social media marketing, SEO, geo-targeting etc. may still be the most popular methods (requiring considerable investments) to drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar business, all of a sudden, using Pokémon GO has started to make a lot of sense, considering the insanely superior ROI that it can almost guarantee. With Pokémon GO, the time and efforts required to get customers to your business store is very less, with low competition to face, at least as of now.

Let’s look at the different ways in which your business store can boost sales and drive foot traffic using Pokémon GO:

Is your business a PokéStop or Pokémon Gym?

If your business is lucky enough to be a PokéStop or Gym, congratulations, you have just won a lottery! You now have immense opportunities to drive foot traffic effortlessly, with Pokémon fans rushing in to your store to collect rewards and fight other players at your business store. You can make the most of this opportunity by offering free gifts to the team currently having control of the PokéStop or giving incentives to the highest ranked players of the Pokémon gym.

Attract customers using Lures

If your business is near to a PokéStop, you can buy a few Lures through the app itself and use them to lure in more customers to your store who would rush in to find more number of Pokémon near your store, owing to the Lures you purchase. Lures can be a relatively inexpensive way to boost your sales and offer a great chance to pull customers like a magnet. The powerful strategy of using Lures is something you must try to believe and see how insanely effective they can be.

Make the most of being in proximity to a PokéStop

In order to make the most of this opportunity, you have to be a little more creative and think out of the box. Identify the current team holding control of the Pokémon Gym near your store, and offer promotions and discounts to them. Think of creative, promotional offers that not only reward your visitors but also encourage them to make a purchase at your store in order for them to avail of the promotional offers.

Set up Pop-up stores if your business isn’t close to a PokéStop or Gym

Not every business outlet could be lucky enough to be in close proximity to a PokéStop or Gym. In that case, there is still a lot you can do to get customers to take notice of your business and purchase from you. Set up your pop up store near crowded areas around a PokéStop location and set up lures around it. If you own a fast food joint, sell your products to people needing food and drinks after their Pokémon hunting endeavours. Alternatively, you may also choose to invest in setting up your store into a Pokémon Go sponsored location.

Promote your store using social media

Make the most of the online media to promote your store as a hotspot for catching Pokémon. Post photos of those rare Pokémon seen or caught by your store customers and run special promotional campaigns for players visiting your shop. Let your social media page act as a forum for players to share their experiences playing Pokémon GO. You can also make the most of your business listings online, using a free platform like that can enable you to manage your Pokémon GO social marketing efforts through your business page itself and brand your business as a Pokémon friendly hub.

Many retail stores have witnessed substantial increase in profits by adopting the right strategies for leveraging Pokémon GO for their stores based on the nature of their business. Integrating Pokémon GO in your marketing plan is sure to give you the business results you always dreamed of. So why not give it a try?

If you have more creative ideas to get people rushing in to retail stores using Pokémon GO, do share the fun with us and let us know in the comments below.

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