Except Rory did not reach success, the whole reboot focused on how she failed at reaching her…
tetas jones

Yes, that’s true! But the consequences of her failures are still cushioned by her privilege even as she depicts herself as broke and struggling. Saying she is able to survive failure solely by her own merit also leaves a lot out of the picture. For example, she has no college loans to worry about. And she still has many connections and opportunities even if she’s not always sure about how to make the best use of them. Plus the path laid for her future is also made possible by her privilege. Her grandmother lets her stay in her mansion to write her book, and Logan had also offered a second free mansion to write in if she had wanted it! She has a network of connections that will help her get that book published when she has finished it. And [spoiler alert!] if she has the baby, everyone from her father to the baby’s father (assuming it is Logan and not that wookie guy) to her grandparents have significant resources to help her.

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