Why I Quit the Bar Method
The Bold Italic Editors

You missed the whole point of a barre workout. This article is the equivalent of someone going to a yoga class and complaining that there was no running. It is a ballet-based workout. A dance-based workout. With a fusion of pilates. Mirrors are necessary because ballet is a hard form to master. If your body is positioned incorrectly and you have no way of knowing because you can’t watch yourself, you could do serious damage to your body. As someone who has been to numerous different barre classes, I can say that some are better than others. Some incorporate more weights. Some incorporate more cardio. Some incorporate more floorwork geared towards abs or flexibility. Most have a good mix of all and work your body from head to toe. I have always left these classes sweating buckets because I put hard work into the movements. As with any workout, I didn’t get results right away. But over time it’s given me a curvy bum, stronger arms and made me more flexible. If you didn’t get any results, sure maybe it doesn’t work for everyone. But chances are, you didn’t bother doing it properly.